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  1. Update: the install once again failed with the following error code
  2. thank you for the reply, the issue that I'm having now is not that the launcher don't start, but that the sign in is stuck at “loading game access details...” edit: I've managed to log in now after 6 minutes on that screen. But the issue is still slow speed capping at 60mb/s, I have deactivated p2p option.
  3. Two days ago, my game files went haywire with the launcher not starting, so i tried to reinstall yesterday. At first, it was simply the install being really slow at 25kb/s compared to my normal download speed of 10 mb/s, but after 15 minutes an error message pops up, something ending with error 4. it was late, so i decided to wait and try again today, but now im not even able to log into the launcher, i've been loving the game and would like to play again asap.
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