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  1. you forgot to say BSTD Gankers
  2. you don't need that you're already at a good point
  3. Today i was demasted by Je maintendrai and another of his friend (i don't remember that name) of Toxic Clan while we were in the same side. I don't have the screenshot but i send 2 report with F11 He did on purpose cause he was angry with "MassoliniSud" one member of my clan.
  4. if we help russia it's because we were tired of being treated like shit by your swedish friends. and the hilaroius thing is that you know it. ye this is my last no sense talk with a guy that hide behind fake tales.
  5. about bastd clan you invented all and sorry but i don't have screen cause i don't give a shit to prove that you are a lier. just you are free to say shit here and im free to answer to your posts. happy game
  6. ye im not famous like you for making bullshit contents and lies around the world
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjdYs2b8ejY This New game looks amazing.
  8. A white circle at windboosts, so i can calculate if i can take it or not when someone chase me.
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