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  1. When I say you're wrong, I mean in reference to the post you quoted rather than my own post which you referred to, I realise I did not make that clear enough. Also I told you to read because you're quoting a post that wasn't even about you, we had moved on from you at that point, nothing more needed to be said, I understood your points and your opinion and I respect it.
  2. If I misread your original post on that part then I do apologise for that, although that was more aimed at several other people who were indeed calling the campaign a core mechanic so you are massively incorrect on this one. And whilst I could make some retort to that, I promised not to argue with you again so I will simply ask that you do the same thing you said in the last sentence and look over what he was actually referring to where I wasn't correcting you but instead someone else who was indeed mistaking the two, I would also recommend properly reading over the points I brought up in my p
  3. None of us do. I mean, you think would be easy enough to add in on its own.
  4. Apologies. Sarcasm is hard to convey over the internet. I do not side with him and I was instead trying to mock his stance that valid criticism doesn't exist.
  5. Shhhhh! You heard what shieldy44 said, no crying/criticism allowed
  6. Surely though you where we're coming from though and why this worries us. No game that has come out on steam early access with such a long delay between content has survived through to release.
  7. It's not about the whether the game fits our vision or not. And yes, we do appreciate the work the developers have done with it. Our problem (if you would actually take some time to read what we are putting instead of just typing up your response when you clearly have only seen some trigger words.) Is that with the long delays to the campaign and nothing coming out before then, there is not enough content here to keep people interested until the campaign does come out, thus no one's going to pick up this game since there isn't much here, they're all going to wait till things are done, thus it
  8. Okay, since quite a few of us are in agreement on this and I do fear what could happen otherwise. I would like to petition the developers to delay working 100% on the campaign and still add and fix some more things first such as custom battles and some of the other things the community feels need fixing in-order to have a solid Game base from which the campaign can be based on.
  9. It doesn't matter if it is the main or a minor game-mode, a game-mode is still a feature, not a mechanic of the game. It certainly can include core mechanics of the game, but it isn't one in and of itself. Mechanics: Things like resources, UI, contrrols. Features: Groups of mechanics bundled up into playable aspects of the game. Basically, a game can exist without things like a campaign, sure it wouldn't be a very good game, but they are just features, though I'm not trying to de-value their importance. A game cannot exist at-all without core mechanics.
  10. I was just telling you that the campaign isn't a core-mechanic at all but a feature. I'm not annoying everyone, in-fact quite a lot of people agreed with the points I brought up, it's just you who is taking it as a personal affront. But I'm going to be the one to extend the olive branch here, let's just stop arguing over petty and meaningless things like this, I apologise to you personally for being so passive aggressive and I'm willing to move on if you are willing to do the same.
  11. I already apologised for using such language and once more, I'M SORRY FOR USING A TERM OF SPEECH CALLED EXAGGERATION, please feel free to let me know if any more of my use of the English language offends you. And you're getting confused between mechanics and features. Reason I said "So-called" is because a campaign IS A FEATURE. Mechanics: a game mechanic is an action that the player can perform in the game, along with the action’s as well as what allows the player to perform said actions: (Damage, resources, ship design and constraints. All these are mechanics in this game) cue (s
  12. Agreed and this is something that most people on here do understand, unfortunately, there do seem to be some who feel that any delay to the campaign, no-matter if it could mean the life-or death of this game is a personal affront to them. A game only gets one launch, one first-impression and as it is, I fear its launch on steam lacking content and features, especially if nothing else is coming for 5+ months could very well spell the death of this game.
  13. Listen here, if you take a moment to stop being a whiny hypocrite actually read what I've said, you would realise that I'm not even saying it should be skipped, only delayed and the reason I'm saying this so-called core-mechanic should be delayed until basic features are in the game are added in and fixed is simply that otherwise without substance the game simply won't survive the 5+ months needed to get even a basic very early alpha of this so-called core feature into the game. Without anything to keep them interested, the player-base will just wither and die and not enough new players will
  14. Understandable and I'm sorry that I offended you and anyone else with that comment, I didn't mean to offend you or anyone else through assuming.
  15. Okay, most was too strong a word and yes I understand that the campaign may be a big thing on your list, but you have to admit it's not worth torpedoing the whole game over and putting no other content out at the critical point of the game's launch just so the campaign can come out sooner. I would rather wait longer for the campaign and have more stuff to do in the meantime rather than still have to wait a long time for the campaign but have nothing to do on this game till then. Naval academy doesn't interest me at all and by the sounds of it, custom battles is in pretty poor shape, so tha
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