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  1. Hey guys i just found: shipmodell.com It got free ship models!
  2. I hope its this ship! But it looks like its too old for this game... Netherlands had some beautiful ships! And ofcourse nice for the dutch people around. But it would be nice to post some dutch ships here, maybe the devs can see it. Im also willing to pay full 60 euro for the 7 provincien haha! whether its the late 1700s or the late 1600s version. And i know my friends are willing too, so if the devs want some good money in quarantine haha
  3. This game really lacks the dutch ships, i know a lot of people want dutch ships, especially the dutch people. Personally i like the pre 1700 ships (7 provincien, halve maen) but ive read that those ships are to old. What ships do you guys wanna see in game?
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