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  1. I‘ve turned out antivirus every time. As I had written: I followed every advice that was given. So. I like you game very much and now I live with the problem to start the PC again every 1-2 battles. Thanks anyway.
  2. *lol* Of course. I did. Can‘t remember how often. Last year as described above. And this year too. Yesterday i reinstalled the game. I did all the hints given, including C++, new drivers, deleting the *.ini files lowlocal gameslab. This worked for the first battles, so I thought i had solved it again like last year. I‘m just asking this question. I could play mostly all games without any problem. So why, and if you use google search you will find many customers who had the same freezing problem, is it not possible to serve us with a stable working game? It‘s frustrating. Thanks.
  3. Hallo. I‘d bought your game in January 2019. As many customers I had the problems with this freezing game phenomen. After reading all this many hints to solve the problem, I‘d tried many of them. I‘d organized another Nvidia Card, installed the Game many times, installed a fresh version of the C++ redistributiable pack, etc. And Heureka. Other a week I had a stabile version runnning and I was able to play UGCW twice (USA and CSA campaign) and my PC don‘t freeze anymore. Now, during Corona times, I thought it is a good idea to play it again. But what happened? I had the same pro
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