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  1. In fact It was a suggestion on how they could "recycle" some ships. It seems that the "old 64 ship of the lines" were made razees since they were.. old/obsolete in a time when the 74 gun ship became standard. But Those ships are a way to counter supergrigates like the USS constitution
  2. I was just reading in an old webside about warships in the napoleon's eara when I read about Razees again. A Razee is a ship like the famous "HMS Indefatigable". She was designed as a 64 gun ship of the line. But instead of commisioning her as an outdated ship they stripped her down to a heavy Frigate. That means she still had her main batterie with all the 26x24 pound cannons but got cutted down to a frigate size. The draft for example was raised from 19 to 13 feet. More details to be seen in the famous Wikipedia since I lack english knowledge to explain technical details.. http://
  3. USS Constitution in Naval Action.. I wonder how to balance this ship to other Frigates. Those few Frigates made after the 44 gun-ship scratch are so powerful compared to British or french frigates of that time.. I mean: They are armored like Lineships and carry 24 pound cannons on their main batterie.. on the topdeck masses of carronades. btw: that side is very dissatisfying in terms of shipcombat. But I guess thats because its not made for the Shipcombat freak like I am one.. Ive GOT to find the page where you can read tons of shipcombat sceneries in the Napoleonic aera of time. Ill po
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