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  1. Latest AMD drivers with all aspects turned to application controlled and temps down to peaks of 67 and no crashes.
  2. Other games I play run the GPU up to 50 maximum so I am trying to figure out the problem. The CPU does not run hot the game only adds 5 to 10 degrees on base temps. Memory usage is acceptable only GPU is funny. When I wake up i'll check if under clocking it helps. I already run a very aggressive fan curve that normally keeps things cool. Their is a chance it is an interaction with the AMD drivers at some point, I will see if either rolling back a few builds or getting latest beta will help issue. Right now to tired lol. The game is awesome and will likely see me try and buil
  3. I have dropped the detail and resolution. Most worrying was the game got hotter and hotter while not even running a battle.
  4. BTW am running Ultimate Admiral.
  5. I have just bought the game and have failed to get through more then 5 minutes of actual gameplay without having the game freeze the screen and render all operations impossible. I am running the following Hardware. AMD 2700 16gig DDR4 ram 3200mhz RX 580 8 gig graphics card Just in menu I have noticed temps go up to 70 on the card. In game my fans are screaming at full speed and the temps just go higher and higher. This is the first game that justifies LN2 cooling I have ever seen. I want to play the game, I want to get into it but I have spent $100 on a game
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