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  1. Noticed the very same issue. Ended up butchered, at 3-5km in what used to be lowrisk torpedo runs, first 10-14 campaign months. Prob due to some bug, also the player in addition is 'denied' the XP gained when combatting this menace. Showing you the XP gained/lost for a ship after any encounter. *However,if you then browse the fleetscreen all of it is missing, and it is not due to crew losses and following reinforcement, as this is effecting totally undamaged shipcrews. Seemingly only Training levels gained from "crewtraining slider" budget are accounted for. At the moment,
  2. Have crew training at 100% for a year or so. Entry level will rise,and average crew skill will rise to a level where naval artillery,actually become an alternative to torps. You can NOT see any change to it for quite some time,but it is rising
  3. Just a suggestion. Would be nice if impossible interception missions, got discarded in advance, to prevent 100% wasting players gametime, tempted to try those missions. Or alternatively if altered, becomming at least faintly possible. -Either by reducing spawn distance -or removing the telepaths from the AI ships(granting 99% effective kiting heading,from anyone in the galaxy) -or just have another "discarding" routine entry, removing these annoyances. Example. CLs vs CLs. Spawn seperation distance, 20 km Side A disengage at -2 kts vs side B trying to inter
  4. Seen this for a while, but belived it to on the todo list. The crew XP gained in actual combat, shows in the aftermath screen. But for some reason, taking 0 damge to the ship in question, it is completly removed when checking the fleet rooster later. This can not possibly be as intended?
  5. I had an AI DD, take 7.1K dmg before sinking, and no ammodet,flash or torps ending it,boosting that number. Miracles do happen, but just to the AI? 😉
  6. Good to know not everyone have this issue, and that clarify why there are only two ppl bothering to make a post about it. But I assure you, it is so frustrating, knowing you could flank torp, just to realize the AI have proximity "emp" disabling your engines. For now It force me develop and use other tactics, perhaps this is for the better. A pair of fast movers, using the good old "end around" sub tac seem to do the job.
  7. As replied, microing by using rudder control, negate directional control ordering, but the real culprit, not having any propulsion is still there. You can not tailchase, and spread to attack, because your ships will "park" at reduced speed behind the enemy, and not overtake and flank as intended.
  8. Yes, rudder slider will make ships turn, but they still park themselves at 100% an ordered propulsion, sometimes even stopping dead in the water despite their mass and motion speed.
  9. I know WIP is stated, but I believe pointing to balancing out the massive advantage tech "maneuver warfare", have vs actual combat experience, would help alot of frustraded captains here. As of now, combat xp dont give you shite, when you compare it vs maneuver warfare, which levle up your entire fleet, even just slacking in port. Btw, the AI do not have the "trained" cap for the tech atm. As stated in the tool tip, player is limited to that level, but AI seem to launch new ships at regular and seasoned. And even without a single fight in the belt, enters the ring with veteran crews. At t
  10. Convoy attack mission too? Sink all transports = 0 VP Outnumbered and now out "crewed" I decided to not kill the escorts this time Since the AI is NOT limited to a crew training of "trained", but have both regular and seasoned at least despite losing ALL encounters during the first 14 months. But hey, sink 75% of transports translates to sink the whole damn convoy, or you will share the VP with an AI, that is not even loyal to the devs, considering the crewlevels they have at 100% loss. I know this is a rant, but first AI cheat with crew levels, when that cant stop you, it deny
  11. CLs I faced, have taken 5 torps before diving, many bulkheads builds. TRs @ 6K tonnage take 2+ torps to sink, 12K tonnage ones die to 1. Can not recall bulkhead stats on TRs. This may not be historical wrong, just seem like an anomaly considering displacement only.
  12. Just noticed, convoy defence mission reward you with a loss, when driving off the attackers, all TRs 100%, 815dmg vs 846dmg no losses on any side. Somth wierd going on, when results are evaluated?
  13. Hold shift for selecting and entire row, from -> to, and ctrl to pick them one by one, then make the order in one go. The same works IN BATTLE when selecting battleline cards. With one selection, I set all orders for the entire fleet.
  14. You may need to swap FOV or view mode for it to work, and the zoom in very close to the object to get it to highlight. Seems hitboxes of main/sec structures are set to a outer square based on their xyz edge limits, rather than object shape. Likely just a typo when converting.
  15. Did you also do the 2 other steps? It may be a mess locating them, as they are replies to replies and so on. Add the USER with maximum elevated permissions in Advanced Security Settings to BOTH dirs of UAD (the USER is either the login email or local handle, and can be found in the permissive principal list) @ 1. %installdir% ("C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game" in my case) @ 2. %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts -- Right click the folder icon, -- go the bottom of the context menu Press Properties, -- select Security or 3rd pane o
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