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  1. Just curious if there are any updates on this. I mean, I realize that Trincos are readily available as is, but a gift is a gift and I am still looking forward to it.
  2. Late comer to the game (picked it up in January), but really enjoying my time on the PVE server. Given that, my suggestions are geared toward that environment. Unsure if these are classed as “little things,” but there are two changes that I think would substantially improve gameplay. 1. More NPC squadrons with multiple ship classes. Obviously, there are already the powerful squadrons patrolling around capitals, however I’m thinking of some smaller versions. For example, a 3rd rate and a frigate or a United States with some accompanying 6th rates. Just adds a little variety in NPC encounters and makes the player contend with different ship capabilities. 2. In conjunction with the above, NPC trade convoys escorted by 1-2 warships. Right now, players can only hunt individual LGVs or Trader Brigs/Snows. Making some trade convoys would introduce an interesting risk/reward scenario. Players would have to contend with the escorts (either out-running or out-gunning them) without allowing the traders to flee. Even picking off 2 traders of the convoy could be lucrative in trade goods or doubloons. Conversely, players wouldn’t know going into the encounter what they faced. For example, encountering an NPC Indefatigable in the OW with a fleet of 6 “medium ships” could mean the others are LGVs and the player stands to have a nice payday. On the other hand, they could all be frigates or 4th rate SoLs and the player has to decide whether to fight it out or run after dropping into the encounter. If Indiamen are ever introduced as NPC ships, a few of them escorted by one or two 3rd or 4th rates would also provide an interesting challenge.
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