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  1. The "content" that is SUPPOSED to be generated around RvR is PORT BATTLES; not vulching gaminess.
  2. I was outside Baracoa for that as well... and let me tell you, the privateer fleets somehow disappeared from Mortimer Town, and as we sat waiting for the "giant Russian fleet" from La Tortue, instant fog showed up and barely a minute later US and Dane fleets appeared and tagged everyone. It was the most sketch thing I've ever seen in this game. Seemed like fog showed up ahead of the battle fleet, the AI fleets disappeared and screeners warped into place. All so Russia could "win" the port and then GIVE it to Pirate RHB so that the bonuses could be neutered and WTF was stripped of their best shipbuilding port. It's interesting to know that YOU were sitting there in your alt Pirate account as the US players all showed up to "screen" with the Danes. I'd like to believe that it wasn't an extreme case of shenanigans but so far I've yet to hear anyone say how it WASN'T. Only people like you chiming in to reveal even more sketch. Why not remove screening and stop alt accounts from gaming the system, if only for a minute until people find other exploits?
  3. I didn't say it wasn't a fun time to go and screen... just that it alienates both attacker and defender from the actual point of the port battle: One group from a nation gets together, outfits ships and readies for a big battle; the defenders do that same but WAIT! 20 Russians in snows, Trincs and any turd that floats with floating battery and fireship mods. That stuff is ridiculous and has no place in a port battle NOT involving the interloping nation.
  4. Ridiculous. Screening is one of the most abused set of combined mechanics we have currently. Good riddance, I say.
  5. RIP Russians showing up to kill entire fleets of port battle participants even though their port isn't being attacked. RIP Demotivating gameplay being exploited by wealthy and populous nations ruining the other half of the server's fun and investments into ships for PBs. Hello, fairer port battle play. Huzzah!
  6. The reality at hand will tell you all you need to know regarding your assumption here. There are not nearly as many comically fast Niagaras or Princes as there are Snows. The Prince has smaller guns... the Niagara isn't as tough and doesn't turn as fast as a Snow. The Hercules is a 5th rate anyway... and it's STILL not as deadly as a Snow. Why are there so many people out in fast Snows and not Niagaras??? I'll tell you: It's because the Snow should have a BR of 80-100 with those 32p Carros... or have 24p Carros be the max it can carry. They're cheap to make, easy to use and have too much gunnery on board. They are totally OP.
  7. Just give the Snow 24p Carros as maximum, or 6p longs. Problem solved. If stern camping in them becomes more of a select skill set, I'm all for it... currently, any jerk with a fast snow can demolish just about anything with not a lot of chance of being demasted. Two 68p Carros are barely an inconvenience if you know how to lead and then turn again as they fire. I've said it... it needs to be brought back to something resembling a 60BR and not be as deadly as a Hercules.
  8. Reduce Snows cannons to 24p Carros or 6p medium/longs. OP camp machines. If there is no way to provide musket fire off the stern to counteract their camping, make them more like a 6th rate than they are currently.
  9. Adding this: yesterday my friend Nokken,( who I've been playing online games with for ten years now,) was being disconnected all day randomly. He is in New York and has really fast internet, too. I wonder how many other east coast US players are also getting connection issues. Anyway... I really like the game and where you guys are going with it. It's the total package for me. Usually... unless you are fighting an Endymion with 6mil worth of upgrades and all decent port bonuses, (usually Russian haha -they're RICH!!!) good skill can prevail. The game is awesome, and this is the first time I've gotten screwed by connection issues. I was just thinking this morning that for the size of it this game runs very smoothly almost ALL the time. Seriously, you guys do a good job and the game is nice.
  10. Hi, I don't record most of the games I play, because even though I have a Geforce 1070, the stuttering can become unplayable. My internet is stable though. I just did a DNS benchmark on Friday and all network drivers/software are up to date. If you're asking for video evidence, I don't have that. Who records all the time hoping to catch something anyway? Not me. I'm here to sail and have fun; not make videos. All I have is my empty spot in docks and less reals in my account to show for it, sadly. Oh well... maybe one day when the server work is finished I will once again invest in a ship. Til then... I'll sail turds and not put expensive upgrades on them and lose to every PvP fight sine we're a little clan and don't have a ton of money.
  11. I lost a purple 5 slot Rattvisan today due to being kicked from the game repeatedly. The first two times I was fighting NPCs, and almost got sunk. Then, i got one sunk and was waiting for the other one to sink and get booted AGAIN. When I come back in, a player has joined and I'm half sunk. Lost five nice upgrades including guacata superior! I had about 4 million reals into that ship... and had spent an hour and a half trading to get those upgrades. I'm already not in love with the Rattv... having buyer's remorse because it's not a great 4th rate. Then when I finally get a decent randomly generated one.. I lose it to this crap. I know, server announcements were made about people being kicked randomly but man -this is frustrating.
  12. Well for a person in a fighting ship... I don't care. It's a trade ship intentionally hiding where it would never go to fight that bugs me.
  13. I'd like to see trade ships like the T Lynx, T Brig and Indiaman be exempt from doing any sort of kill missions. The reason is simple: Someone running trade only needs to run to the nearest crossed swords battle, jump in and "escape" a PvP fight and hide for an hour and a half; never intending to complete the mission. I followed a T Lynx yesterday and as I caught up to him, his sails suddenly raised and he disappeared within ten seconds. When an element of game design or a mechanic is used to side-step another mechanic intentionally... it's an exploit. The easy answer is to give traders a little more XP for travel time and real fights and not let them use kill missions to escape raiding. There is no penalty for "failing" a kill mission you don't intend to complete in the first place in a T Lynx. It's cheesy and abused all the time.
  14. Eff this noise. We already have clans that disregard the rest of the nation and go around striking up accords with foreign nations that only THEY honor, and when someone who doesn't know about their unilateral decision attacks a trader... the complaints start. We don't need MORE tools for clans to act autocratically, especially with foreign nations. Case in point: A clan in Pirate Nation went and told Spain that "Pirates" wouldn't attack any of their trade or players in the OW -unbeknownst to the rest of the nation. We sink a Spanish warship and the whole time the guy is yelling about "the agreement". Nope. OW is OW... alliances in RVR; maybe, but if they are designed and agreed upon by ALL of the clans in a nation. Otherwise, it's stupid.
  15. The Snow is in need of some serious balancing; not just with the comically fast turn rate and acceleration, but with regards to battle rating and what battles it should be allowed to enter into. Or do people really believe that a Snow captain would take on a redoubtable with a tiny brig by stern camping? I realize I'd lose my fun by saying this, because I love making people suffer in the Snow, but they are just plain OP.
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