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  1. Minor bug: On Netlify, Las Tortugas shows 5 Madagascar Jewels available @ 360K per unit but there aren't any there at all.
  2. Add a Clan Dockyard but not as a DLC. Only open to clan creators... and it gives ALL members the ability to dock a ship there for clan use. This helps get ships to newer players who need them and also helps to create fleets for port defense and battles.
  3. Wait.. now I see it... "This forum will be used for active discussions on forthcoming games and games in active development." Do you mean patch note discussion or ALL discussion of Naval Action?
  4. Maybe I'm an optimist, but I don't recall seeing that "the forums are being shut down". Game discussion looks like it'll continue here, though "patch notes" will be published through Steam. You know... when you try to launch and the game starts a patch -one should be able to see a concise summary when they click "view updates" on the steam downloader window. Right?
  5. 100%. It'd be better to just get them all managed and not have to see a timer. Not everyone can be on at all hours and many only log in for a few hrs a day.
  6. Now with tier three woods being dropped at only key locations, this matters more now than ever. Clan friends lists are idiotic and are gamed by alts from enemy nations... how do the devs stop this BS? Hammy's ideas would help a lot. Not to mention, if you want to join RvR or even a flag placement conquest you have to be in the clan's friend list. WTF? Shouldn't anyone in the nation be allowed to ASK to join any national port happening they wish??? Of course, there needs to be discernment on who gets to join PBs and stuff, hence the idea of ASKING to join. Whoever holds the flag can a
  7. What he perceives about these ports and "owner clans" is actually spot on. Clan friends lists are being abused by ALTS FROM ENEMY NATIONS. That's the problem, and denying it exists isn't going to help. When a clan in one nation is run by an ALT from a nation that seeks to take that port, people in this game are cheating so they can play both sides of the fight and use ALT influence, (changing the friends on the list,) to cheat everyone of the chance to "win" the port fairly and by RvR. This mechanic is gamed ALL THE TIME... just as precious resources are, (copper ingots, anyone
  8. Yeah, if it weren't for the alts parked spinning... I'd be on board with this idea.
  9. Repair/Survivability Encyclopedia Proposal: -We have a boarding, a gunnery and a sailing encyclopedia; Nothing for added repair or health. -Maybe formulate a combination of existing, (but more rare,) repairing books to be the new repairing encyclopedia, add blueprint and apply the same rules as the other ones for construction and crafting.
  10. Adding this: yesterday my friend Nokken,( who I've been playing online games with for ten years now,) was being disconnected all day randomly. He is in New York and has really fast internet, too. I wonder how many other east coast US players are also getting connection issues. Anyway... I really like the game and where you guys are going with it. It's the total package for me. Usually... unless you are fighting an Endymion with 6mil worth of upgrades and all decent port bonuses, (usually Russian haha -they're RICH!!!) good skill can prevail. The game is awesome, and
  11. Hi, I don't record most of the games I play, because even though I have a Geforce 1070, the stuttering can become unplayable. My internet is stable though. I just did a DNS benchmark on Friday and all network drivers/software are up to date. If you're asking for video evidence, I don't have that. Who records all the time hoping to catch something anyway? Not me. I'm here to sail and have fun; not make videos. All I have is my empty spot in docks and less reals in my account to show for it, sadly. Oh well... maybe one day when the server work is finished I will once
  12. I lost a purple 5 slot Rattvisan today due to being kicked from the game repeatedly. The first two times I was fighting NPCs, and almost got sunk. Then, i got one sunk and was waiting for the other one to sink and get booted AGAIN. When I come back in, a player has joined and I'm half sunk. Lost five nice upgrades including guacata superior! I had about 4 million reals into that ship... and had spent an hour and a half trading to get those upgrades. I'm already not in love with the Rattv... having buyer's remorse because it's not a great 4th rate. Then when I finally get a decent rando
  13. The AI can snipe your stern at 600M and drop your hull down 10% with each hit AT RANGE. They penetrate either side's armor and do core hull damage without taking your armor down... WITH MEDIUMS. Elite AI should be able to do this, but there is no reason a standard Niagara should be able to penetrate a Hercules made of Live Oak/White Oak with a Cartagena Caulking upgrade on it. NPCs are ridiculously OP and need to be buffed down a bit except for Elite. They're for farming XP and upgrades... not for wasting repairs.
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