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  1. @Ink - thx for the reply. I've been watching more when playing and think this is still an issue even with the latest fixes you mentioned. I guess it 'could be' an issue with the guns losing their aiming but when it happens i still have a lock and its even happened when at like 30%+ chance of a hit is showing. As for movement, this happens even when at slow speeds against slow targets where the ships on either side are moving in a straight line with all guns well within their firing arc. Maybe something you guys might want to check out again when you have time.
  2. Any chance at getting the short barbette for the secondary guns reworked so it's not locked to only be placed on centerline? Visually I think it would look better and would also give the user a broader way of designing a ship.
  3. @Ink - Any update on when this will be corrected? I'm noticing that when I'm playing it's happening more frequently.
  4. Not sure if you guys had a chance to look at this yet but I was able to figure out what the "empty barbette" message was referring to. After this latest update, if there are any barbettes on the main or secondary towers, those MUST be used and cannot be empty. When using custom battle I don't always use secondary's under 8in so I seldom use the existing tower barbettes. Hopefully this is an easy correction for you guys... Love the game btw
  5. So when attempting to build out any of the new British hulls in the latest update, I can't launch after building because I get an "empty barbette" message. I've tried many different barbette/gun combos and it gives me the message every time. My barbette's aren't empty and even when using just two of them (no secondary barbettes) I get the same message. I attached a pic with the message. If you need anything from me, I'll be happy to answer questions. Dave
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