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  1. so, to make it short, is there a way to remove the 60fps cap ?
  2. indeed, i hate the fact that no other information was given to us, feels bad man especaly since the other post sayd that they only need a bit more time.. made me think that it is atleast going to release same week.. wich it clearly didnt
  3. so i guess we aint gettint the game today either...
  4. i was just about to say the same thing, i hope for this to be a RTW like game but in 3d, and i hope this game isnt going to become simpler and turn into a Battle stations:Whatever , great games but not what im looking for here
  5. i wonder what nick ment by a "little more time" :v one one hand i can understand not wanting to release compleatly broken stuff, on the other hand the comunity is probably going to find dozends of bugs anways
  6. im 99% sure it does, i was watching my ship get hit while traveling 49 knots, 12" gun caused floding wich spread to 3 other compartments untill it the ship got below 30 knots at wich anti-flooding III took care of it...... im not sure about manuvering tho
  7. same here, i hope we get it this week atleast ...... wich i start to doubt
  8. I bet he won't be posting release dates ever again lol, only giving him problems and it's making us wait since we had hope that it would be out by Monday
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