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  1. It doesn't sound too appealing does it. The battles in the wars of Independance were little more than skirmishes in comparison to the European battles, even the largest barely more than a handful of regiments and 10,000 a side. Sounds very underwhelming.
  2. Sounds like you're a similar player to me. I don't like to game the game (seems kind of pointless to cheat yourself) and I like a difficult but not ridiculous challenge. You can play MG and change a couple of settings in the AI config file: AI scaling and AI experience something or other. I've played around with them before (0.75 - 0.85) but never quite hit the sweet spot. Would be interested to see what you come up with.
  3. Hi Panda, if I limit AI brigade size using AI config, does the AI still scale by adding more brigades? So rather than (say) 5 x 3000 brigades would it scale to 10 x 1500? Or is there a set number of AI brigades in a battle?
  4. I’m tinkering with the configuration to see if I can get this mod perfect for me: I’m not hardcore - MG is my level, I don’t game the game, I like historical size units, and I like to try and approach the plan of the battle in the way the historical commanders did. One thing that is bugging me is the way AI skirmishes charge infantry brigades. Is there a way to dial their AI enthusiasm back so skirmishes behave like skirmishes?
  5. Awesome. I try to play as historically as I can and not game the game, so this sounds like the mod for me
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