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  1. you don't have a choice for that mission DD's aren't taking down a BB with 5in guns. That said I have noticed it in other missions. In the H class mission I realized I don't have to try and doge torpedoes so long as I went with many bulkheads and torpedo defense 4 or 5 I could just tank them and keep going. I don't know how many I got hit with but I would guess 8-12, but it was not a big issue.
  2. I was playing "mission imposable" when this hit me. I hit the BB with a total of 33 24in torpedoes . Not only did this not sink the ship it did not even push it below 50% float. The idea of any real ship could take 33 long lance hit's and not sink is frankly ridiculous. Also in the same mission one of my DD took 4 hit's from 21in torpedoes and did not sink. This is honestly even more unbelievable as the DD had standard bulkheads 0 torpedo defense and a single layer hull. The long lance aka a 24in torpedo was a menace. A single hit could and did Heavy cruisers even when that hit was
  3. superstructure armor seems fine, but yes I am getting the same with turrets. As as far as I can tell turrets have 0.0in armor no matter what you set it to.
  4. 🤣OMG I needed that thank you
  5. Thank you This is one of my last 2 major "This is bullshit" issues with this game.
  6. I like your idea for DDs as you pointed out most DDs might have one or at most two reloads per tube. Not 5 or 6. Reloading would take a long time and would be insanely dangerous. You have like 100kg per torpedo of high explosives out on deck and a hit from basically anything will set that off. A detonation would totally destroy the torpedo launcher and probably do high hundreds to low thousands of damage to the DD. It would be totally different for underwater launchers but that's ok as they do not have the firing angles or numbers that on deck launchers can have.
  7. I will say this mission is hard but no ware near impossible. Some pointers. I go with enhanced firepower and 2 BBs Also remember you win condition is kill 70% of the enemy ships you can do this without so much as scratching the pant on the enemy BBs. The 3 DDs CL CA and BC are over 70% and 15-16in guns with 7-8in casements as back up will shred the lighter ships. You still win even if at the end the two enemy BB's would kill you if the fight were to go to the end.
  8. Where are you getting 20in from? It's more like 45-50. Even a 11in gun will pen 20in at 5k Note I am assuming TNT and 1930 tech. TNT is available before the 18in gun is and the 18in is only first available in the very late 1920s Propellant makes a HUGE difference in armor pen
  9. Having now played through all the academy missions I have one big complaint and a few smaller ones. The big one: being at an angle of 90 degrees should not make a ship invincible. When an enemy starts to run I end up in a stern chase. The idea that ANY level of armor let alone 4-5in will deflect an 18in shell at 1km is ridiculous. It's like watching someone use karate chops to deflect 50 cal bullets. I can fire 100+ 18in shells into a running BC at ranges less then 5km and literally do 1% structural damage. Smaller ones. I would like a bit more control over when I launch to
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