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  1. Well. If you are in for a few long hauls, Robert K Massie's Dreadnought and Castles of Steel go pretty deep into British, French, and German dreadnought design and battles. Dreadnought was a trick, it is actually more about the politics and buildup of tensions between the 3 from 1880ish to the start of WW1. But, Castles of Steel is a really good read. It covers armored cruisers, and the eventual buildup to battlecruisers and dreadnoughts. Be warned though, these books are huge.
  2. I notice in this, an artillery unit is represented by 2 cannons. Each one fires a projectile that kills a certain number of enemies. Does that increase if the unit size goes up? Are more cannons shown if the unit is bigger or is the damage per shot increased? Also, is it only ever solid shot, or does it go to grape /canister at close ranges?
  3. Hi all, In UGCW, there was an optimum unit size for artillery units. It was around 12 cannons. Is there the same in UA:AoS? If so, what is the optimum number of cannons to use in a unit? It seems that you choose unit size by number of troops rather than by number of cannon, so it takes a little paying attention to determine how many cannon are in a unit. Thanks.
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