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  1. Hello everyone, I´m the leader of a small reverse phone lookup clan that came to this game attracted by its strategic part. Soon, we realized that we couldn´t enjoy conquest as we were asked to bring only santisimas or l´oceans (hostility missions and battles inside ports). My clan is comprised of people with family and jobs so they can´t invest many nba reddit hours to level up, look for ressorces and earn money to build so many santisimas and l´oceans. At the begining, we were 12-15 online but our members stopped logging in when they couldn´t participate in the conquests. A few weeks ago, one of our members told us pcpartpicker that in the incoming patch we were going to be able to participate in the battles with smaller ships. As a result, my guys were quite happy with the news and they all logged again after a long absence. Now, they have quit again. And they might not return after the disappointment...
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