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  1. A true 2nd rate 90-gun ship-of-the-line like Dutch (and later french) Chattam (1799): https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=793#FWAS1786 Currently existing 2nd rates are either no 90-gun ships (chasers didn't count in the old classification system) or historically inaccurately buffed (like the 42pd on Le Bucentaure) and actually 3rd rates. Or both. Hence there's a gap between the 550/600 BR '2nd rates' and the Victory.
  2. Actual gun mechanics: * F1/F2 etc: disable firing of particular gun decks, but crew isn't transferred * F5: complete broadside is deactivated, crew is being transferred Proposal: Additional possibility of deactivating single gun decks and transferring the particular crew
  3. It would be very helpful to have a map grid with numbered quadrants (switchable). Also a measuring tool for getting the distance between two points (or at least a scale bar).
  4. I would suggest implementing a kind of 'book chest', similar to the Money and upgrade chests. So you can take unlearned books with you (e.g. if you want to save them for an encyclopedia), without the necessity to haul them by ship.
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