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  1. This. If the RNG favors you, you'll get very easy mission (enemy design is sacrificing survivability) which are over in 5 minutes or you may be faced with HMS Unsinkable. "Git lucky" is more useful advice than "get gud" in this case. This does not apply to all missions of course but generally any mission design which assumes that you need to game the system to win is not good.
  2. nice principle but totally unrelated to CSS monuments built 100 years after the civil war and of people who even were skeptic against building them (I am thinking specially of Lee here). And if monument is divisive then they are not serving against repeating the history but reinforcing the conflicts of the past. My 2 cents about that.
  3. What worked for me was lyditte powder and HE spam. Burned both ships with 9% of own hull left with engines and rudder damage (mostly due to a fire that was started in the beginning and due to few bulkheads went on unchecked for too long)
  4. As far as we know, the devs never announced specific date for early access on Steam (TBA 2020). How much or if delayed would a project as this be, based on no knowledge of methodology used, no idea of junior/senior dev ratio, what is their employee turnover, whether they have tech debt, no idea of complexity of code or concurrent project load and also no idea of current cashflow and revenue forecasts and how these impact future decisions: I say 14,5 months.
  5. Heh, depends on the speed of the targeted ship, technology used on cannons. radar and towers etc. Each hull type has different stability factor which also affects precision. Also the damage you take affects the precision. Depending on the tech, you get penalty if you use triple instead of twin cannons in turrets (often small imho). If you are using flank speed you will lower your precision (or to put it more precisely you will have bonus if you are on your cruise speed). High waves, night/evening combat reduces precision too. There are other factors too. Basically you see on the window on the top left what affects you precision. Unfortunately you cant see the same for the enemy and I feel that this window doesnt show all information unless it has room for it. If you are unlucky in the scenario you mention, the AI will construct high speed BC where you get minus 50 to 90% to hit. Then you are either lucky or get quickly a shot in. What probably has happened is that you have been hit few times, while the enemy remains undamaged and increases hit % to high numbers as they close in (they will not get 20 % hit chance 25 km away). Also as general note, the scenarios are more about luck than finding the right design. If you are unlucky, just restart the scenario until you role the right dice.
  6. As long the effects on the various effects such as ship buoyancy, internal volume, weather (high waves making use of certain weapons unusable)etc, etc are respected. I am just reading "Warrior to Dreadnought: Warship design and development" by David Brown and how much thought they gave in the period to design of a warship. Freeboard was not something left to chance and if final design ended up being off, either way, there was lot of additional work being spent on how this would affect the ship.
  7. Hmm... would be nice to see stats of the guns on the enemy ship (that way you can work your way back and see which modules were most likely installed). But Max bulkheads with engine size giving 49 knots.... Maybe warp drive module was installed? Should not be encountered after hotfix
  8. This time definitely the torpedoes were not being fired entire session. I experienced it at least twice right after each other.
  9. Experienced the same bug. Ammo count goes down but torpedoes are not there (as in not just not rendered, but simply not there).
  10. Same here. This reminds me of Prove your might mission where mission difficulty could go either way based on your luck. Last time the BB was minimally damaged and torpedoes worked as they should.
  11. Fully agreed. I have restarted it several times and usually BB is destroyed before my BC even reach it. And I am not ordering BB to take fight with the french BB but to run away towards my BCs. Also sometimes weapons stop firing no matter what. Torpedoes register as launched (ammo goes down) but no torpedoes in water
  12. This one is a edge case. I just tested it to see whether I could modify transport ship If you for some reason, just select transport ship in the custom battle and then press the Design Ship, the game will enter the ship designer but will only show water and needs to be excited by ALT+F4 or similar. Other controls ingame are not responsive so one cannot report this bug normally.
  13. This was from scenario - dreadnought vs modern cruisers. We (the players) are having already a limitation of "medium" in the scenario. Hmm... I just realized that AI has no such limitations in its design. So if I tried to do same design as AI, the game prohibits me from doing this... Ok, so here is another feedback : Make AI follow same rules as players are bound by.
  14. High speed still gives huge benefit- OFC the players can exploit this too, but this makes for boring designs - how many 35 000 tons battleships did go this fast? Sure PT boats and like could do that but huge battleships?
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