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  1. It is one of this opinions that is usually popular on any game forum but is actually potential cause of endless problems when you have a product in pre-release stadium just as much as it enriches a game post-release. You can take a look at any steam game that is in early release which has workshop integration and see how much time they use to find origin of a bug (is it from the mod or is it something in the stock game? Or is it the problem made worse by the mod so it becomes much more felt and widespread among end users?). So when game is in alpha, I am very much against mods - when
  2. I am divided on this. Yes, it would give better immersion but I suspect novelty would last first 5-10 minutes of the game and then you would forget all about that. While at same time, animations of crew on the ships can slow down the game and will definetly steal time from development. Right now I don't feel that it would be in our interest if devs do anything to slow down development (like adding new features which have not been communicated before).
  3. https://bulletpicker.com/pdf/USNBD - US Bombs and Fuzes, Pyrotechnics.pdf#page=48 This document is from 1945 and it talks about Dunnite/Explosive D as "standard main charge for armor piercing bombs and projectiles (...) over 3" :
  4. So my comment "Steam takes 30% cut when someone releases on their platform, less once you cross 10 million USD. I am sure that plays into the consideration here." according to you means "Steam 30% cut is mandatory for all sales? OK. Enough said from me then.
  5. Unfortunately it is more of a rule than exception. Company I worked for some years ago, got ruined by that greed from owner just because that because his greed forced the regulatory reaction. But game industry is the wild west so everything goes there....😏
  6. This is typical example of discussion on internet where you don't address the point the other party raises and instead just come with new stuff. Steam site you link to, explaining what keys are (like nobody knew that before?) has 0 relevance for kick back devs have to give to steam and how customers will behave or invalidates other obligations outlined in partner program. It even underlines that you can't give lower price on other store fronts than steam which makes those fronts irrelevant because 99% of players will just buy the game on steam if they want it there. This idea that you ca
  7. Please never take a job in Biz Dev or legal fields. I am gonna put this in real simple terms: 1: I put this on steam - I have to sell through the steam. I sell it through the steam - I need to give steam a cut. Where would new customers buy this product if they want in steam? Third party storefronts or steam itself? (rule 4 specify the pricing). Why do you think Game Labs, company that has 3-4 games on Steam, opted for third party solution for UAD? 2: This is not a early access title? And normal titles DONT have such limitations (regarding pricing) - sure pro
  8. https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/earlyaccess Please read Rules, section 3. They have to offer their sales through Steam if they offer EA on Steam. They can't bypass steam as store front in order to avoid 30% (or other percentage) cut. If you have document indicating otherwise (not a reddit or forum post) I would really like to read it.
  9. Steam takes 30% cut when someone releases on their platform, less once you cross 10 million USD. I am sure that plays into the consideration here.
  10. The last post from Nick Thomadis, indicated maybe release today.
  11. Totally agree. Traits are typically (which means not always) added feature to the games to account for lack of possibility for unique design of units by player and to give some flair and differentiate between samey units between different factions (otherwise it just numbers game). In game where we design all ships, granted from fixed prefab parts, this makes no sense. I understand if they want to add traits to AI factions but I am generally fan of reactive "AI designs" as game progresses which I think makes for more interesting gameplay. So if USA AI is lagging behind the player's gun tec
  12. You think wrong and really don't mean it disparagingly. Stillfronts growth is 90% through acquisition. They got position whose sole responsibility is M&A - Marina Andersson of Deloitte pedigree according to their webpage (no lightweighter in other words). You think they would drop their best practices for a company of 24 employees (3-4 may be the size of the UAD dev team and is not entire company)? No sir... I bet you there is Holy M&A and Integration handbook with plans and points and obligatory powerpoint presentations' and excel templates. Game industry is not my field. I am
  13. I suspect that we are talking from vastly different places of experience. M&A processes and post M&A integration has tons of literature and research behind it. I was part of M&A processes in large companies twice in my life as either part of the company doing acquisition or a team assisting M&A integration efforts on operations. The people who work with this sort of things are NOT idealists.
  14. That has never, ever happened IRL..... If they had more cash + increased ambitions they would be all over this forum speaking about their new, improved vision for the product. You don't keep that kind of stuff secret. Some of the extra money would certainly trickle over into marketing and community management.
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