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  1. Goal

    La navasse

    i have not missed the word "if", and that was before the hostility, so it was not a lie! and fighting this hostility is your right, but your own risk in that unclear state....and compensations.....is atwoods not enough?
  2. Goal

    La navasse

    look at the post in Hotfixes this week - 12th Februaryon page 6"replied in support.. If it is a bug port will be reverted. dont worry. " so i think, i did not lie about that
  3. Goal

    La navasse

    you are right! the term "bug-using" was maybe wrong....im still a bit angry about the lost weekend-sleep. we had some losses too, but thats own risk to do hostility-missions!
  4. Goal

    La navasse

    finally one Thread open for this: (i did not want to spam the support with a new one) @Devs: thank you for solving this Problem with Navasse and for all the work you put in here @all who feel injured that we got our port back: Ink allready wrote on Saturday, before the Hostility was open, that we will get it back if there is a bug, so you were not forced to show up 3 o'clock (for me) in the middle of the night. Live would not have changed for you! So you want reward for bug-using?
  5. no, cwh is in our own nation port captured by our clan
  6. there is shure more reals in warehouse than needed to maintain navasse! and i dont know how to sabotage the server
  7. so i ask for a rollback here! its not fair to lose a good port to a bug!
  8. If the money comes from clanwarehouse, it shure is not our problem
  9. Somehow our port la navasse turned neutral after today's maintanence-break! There was no warning and no defencebattle, we want our port back! i allready made a F11, but did not get any answer yet, so i post it here as well
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