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  1. Hello, first of all I wanted to say that I've been playing the game for a couple of days now and I absolutely love it. This is already my dreams come true, I can't wait for the campaign and future updates. But as a boat fetishist I wanted to ask about two things; Quadruple turrets? I think it'd be a good addition, in the end the whole French battleship doctrine created to counter the Regia Marina was centered around the quadruple turrets in superfiring pairs on the bows of the ships, like in the Richelieu class. Advanced Fire-control systems? Iowa would be the best example of what I mean by that I believe, instead of optical rangefinders she was equipped with Mk.38 GFCS which allowed for radar rangefinding and great automatization of the whole process and greatly increased accuracy. The night-time engagement between Kirishima and Washington at the distance of nearly 17 kilometers would be a great example of that. Naturally, I understand that it's only an alpha but I wanted to ask about the general idea about the future of the game, if the developers have those two things even in mind for some kind of later updates. Cheers.
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