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  1. And with the US there should almost nothing but duds, after watching the video about the Mark 14 Torpedo I an amazed it sunk anything until 1943.
  2. So after finishing the scenarios I thought of two more things. 6. As Looping above me mentioned we need a post battle report. For those who played Ultimate General, can you imagine not having that post battle report? I would like to see what ship did well, who did poorly, did the DDs and TPs I sent to torpedo the BBs and BCs make the sacrifice worth it, etc. especially in custom battles that would be great as you sometimes have a lot of ships going against numerous other ships and can’t keep track of who did what to whom and when, but in scenarios that would be helpful to, just to see wh
  3. Finished a day ago. Hurry up was the worst for me, but the posts here helped with that.
  4. Thank you guys, your input helped a lot (and there was a little luck since I got 8” and torpedo mounted CLs). The CLs torpedoed the CA and CL and did some damage to the DDs before going down. For the BC I went for a lot more speed, lower caliber guns and less armor then usual and it worked. In the end it was a relatively easy and quick.
  5. Gun&Fire control or Torps & Shell? Any secondary guns? What armor?
  6. I found that one quite easy actually. Forget about the secondary guns and torpedo protection as the DDs won't get within 20km of you. Go for 30 speed, 5x18" 3 gun turrets, heavy shells and TNT and deck armour. Try HE everyonce in a while and focus on only the 3 older BBs, take out the fastest one first, the the other two. Fire a few shells at the big BB that comes and it will turn soon.
  7. Has anyone managed to finish this scenario? I have completed everything else, but this one. I went with a BC, 2 CA, 5DD all in different configurations (torp heavy, medium gun heavy, big gun heavy, faster, more/less protection, etc). I came closest with the 5DD, but it was down to 1DD with no damage, 1 with medium and one on his last legs plus one the the CL which was without engines against three enemy DD whit no damage (sunk the CB, CA and CL). I couldn't finish tem off as every time I got close he launched a mass of torps and I lost the two damaged DDs and had one left. I just can't hit tho
  8. I bought the game a week ago and so far I think it's very good. For me it's the best naval game (for surface vessels) I played since Fighting Steel 20 years ago. There are a few things I miss (maybe there are in the game and I just didn't notice them yet) and I was wondering if the team was thinking about it. 1. 2D game view. For big battles it's hard to keep up where everyting is and a 2D game view would be great for an option 2. Opponent speed and direction. You get a lot of information about the enemy (more then would be available to a real captain) but you don't get the spee
  9. This is the exact setup: 44.000t Speed 42 knots Range: Very short Bulkheads: Many Components: G. Turbines Oil Forced Boilers Aux III engine Shaft II Krupp III No barbette, No Anti torpedo and a single hull bottom Bulkheads II Antiflood I Citadel - nothing Armament: Heavy shells TNT Explosives Auto reloading Everything else standard Equipment: Top rangefinder No radio Gen II Radar Armour: 11 belt 7 deck 11 tower 2,4 turret t
  10. I put 17" guns in 4 turrets 3 guns/turret (TNT, high weight ammo) 10-12" armour and 40 knots top speed. I played the mission 30 times before I got the design just right and the played it two times again after I won to be sure. Won every time. I just stay at 15km from the BB and 10km for the CA, CA only needs a few HE rounds to go down, BB sooner or later turns and runs, when I get to 5km I start with the HE and it blows up.
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