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  1. May I ask what resolution are you set at in options? I hadn't had any issues until I changed my resolution to 1920 x 1200 and then I couldn't get my troops to align properly, they would jump from where I put them or face the wrong way after repeated attempts to turn them. I'm putting in an f11 bug report.
  2. I have noticed that when you have a fleet of multiple ships and you want the AI to run them, you only need to put the lead ship under AI and the rest will follow the lead ship.
  3. If I enable AI mode after the battle has started they try to follow. I played through another battle and it seems this happens when I just put them in AI mode without assigning a target for them and they are left to their own devices. I also noticed this happens only when there is another friendly ship nearby. They never purposely move across the battle to join up, but if you are near enough...I have had to pause and un-join them on a few occasions. I have not yet been able to pin down a pattern (i.e. vicinity, with orders, without...) that I can say 100% causes this so I wouldn't recommend this as a high priority...just a quirk that has happened enough for me to question.
  4. Not crazy about the AI auto joining the fleet line formation all on their own. If I had wanted them there I would have put them there. Not sure if this is a me only complaint or if anyone else thinks the same. I did not send an F11 as this really couldn't qualify as a bug, in my opinion.
  5. So far it seems I'm averaging about 1 in 4 games. That's pretty awesome.
  6. Everyone, please don't get me wrong....I just brought up the possiblity for an "option" and not to take it away entirely. I think taking it away with no option would be the wrong thing to do.
  7. Panda, you are correct, however in the one scenario with fog and rain and open ocean, I did a quick scan and missed one enemy ship that popped up later. I found that land battles really had no effect without the minimap since there were reference points (i.e. roads, rivers...etc) to orient yourself. It made a huge difference in open water with several ships involved when you needed situational awareness far more. You are also correct about knowing where ships start, but once battle begins and all the twisting and turning, things get lost. Eh, just an idea...I can live with either way.
  8. Just played the scenario where I have to get the Walpole to safe zone...as you know it's rainy and foggy and playing with no minimap help made you REALLY use your situational awareness. Not only that but I did lose the whereabouts of one enemy ship and missed it when I did a quick scan. It seemed to show up out of nowhere alongside one of my ships...which I found to be really cool as it was probably exactly what happened in real life. I say it might not be a bad option, but I may be alone too LOL.
  9. I've been playing without the minimap and that adds a whole new flavor to the game...maybe it might not be a bad option for the future?
  10. gogopher, I see what you mean, however WilliamThelll said it best...do you want historical accuracy or not? I don't know if you play UGCW but I liken it to being the Union at Fredricksburg in that game...it's historically accurate to be up against very unfavorable odds.
  11. I sent an F11 bug report too, before I saw this post.
  12. I agree doublebuck AND I would like to thank Panda for his work on UGCW...I only use the J&P mod for UGCW. As to Rygoat's question about admiralty assortment - I believe that it means different ships to buy and the tech tree is where you can increase the resource pool....but don't hold me to that :)
  13. Seems this was addressed with the latest patch. Thank you.
  14. Sorry, last one, I promise, but this one has me both laughing and shaking my head. Something is amiss with the chainshot as I missed EVERY sail with this shot.
  15. Sorry to keep flooding you with this, but this is another broadside from the same battle so you can see I am well within range and I have them set up perfectly both times and have had nothing but misses. I would think that I should be able to hit something if even by accident.
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