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  1. German H-Class BBs aft superstructure should have a slot for a second funnel... i'm pretty sure it's the only nation with which you can't have more than one funnel on superstructures. Splitting it in half and putting one in the middle "works", but that just put main guns in the extended hull sections. Plus, it makes the vessel so ugly it's almost a warcrime.
  2. I cannot agree more. Sadly, right now, battlecruisers to super-battleships(even down to heavy cruisers in some cases) are pretty much the same ship, just scaled up or down. We really need a little something more, at least to be able to see clear differences between two ships of the same class. For example, when building german ships, its seems as if you are just building a smaller or bigger Bismarck. (also, germany BBs really need a secondary tower with a funnel slot!) As for barbettes, I think it would have been much more simple to have all guns have their own barbette which
  3. So i've been playing around a bit and I noticed that, at least with late tech ships, BBs are absolutely worthless compared to BC. One out of two games (at least), I am bound to see a BB, my side or the enemy's, get ammo detonated or flash-fired. Several times, no matter if said BB is a 38k tons cardboard box or a 130k tons floating fortress, a SINGLE shell will blow the entire ship. I had a battle last 2 minutes because, somehow, a shell from my first ranging salvo (3 shots on tripple turrets) hit and detonated the target, a 55K US Battleship, at 30 kilometers. Meanwhile, I take a BC and just
  4. Greetings, I made a fresh windows 10 install recently and lost all my data. I am having trouble trying to download the launcher again; the link I have do not seem to work anymore.
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