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  1. Most Canadians fall under British Dominion, sorry.
  2. There are better options than simple YES/NO. First, ask yourself why there is surrender option? Well, so the player doesn't have to be forced to stay in battle. It's one of the options to "leave" the battle. Same goes to the traditional "escape" option. Now, these options are one-sided and alternate the way normal AI works. There should be simply 1 option to leave Loki battle and then AI would take back control of the ship. Block Surrender/Escape options and simply add leave options.
  3. Strong alcohol has disinfecting properties, but drinking it weakens your immunity system. This will be only working if you have a nice supply of filters that need to be changed every x minutes/hours/days depending on model. _____________ I'm just sitting here and waiting for the news about millions of companies going bankrupt and families who can't pay their loans because of working issues.
  4. 2016 is calling back, they are thankful for making their request public after all these years.
  5. There can be always more and more. There've been also "troll" port battles full of 25 requins/hercs and other small ships in large BR ports that are supposed to fill up with lineships. They normally should take more than 15 minutes to win, but small ships have large potential to troll in NA and some of them easily lasted over an hour. One fleet takes 2-3 requins, other fleet takes 6 requins. Giving up 1 large ship in place of more small ships to commence kiting tactics and blocking points. How many is enough small ships? The team with more small ships has more potential for kiting and they will fight less. "Mixed fleets" are good, but it doesn't solve small ships and kiting issue.
  6. Port Battles are not fine, but many players will just blame existence of Requin (just like redii does), Prince or other small ships instead of seeing the problem. As suggested long time ago, the mechanic of 1 tiny ship blocking points from entire fleet is pure form of "kiting". It always ends up in sit on the far edge of the circle and does not encourage fighting. If enemies get close to you, just sail upwind and get to the other edge of the circle. There are 2 simple solutions here: Contesting the cap does not entire block points influx, only halves it. So instead of getting 2 points per tick the controller of the zone would get 1 instead. Zone is controlled by the fleet with higher BR inside it. Another option would be to make circles even smaller. Make it so you can't safely sit on the other edge of the zone while entirely blocking enemy team from getting points. The blocking mechanic may work in other games like World of Warships (our PB system is almost entirely copy-paste of WoWs), but with major differences. WoWs doesn't have wind factor, you can't sit upwind vs 1st rate that will spend 30 minutes tacking the wind trying to get to you. Also in WoWs range of guns is usually between 10-25km, meaning that most of the ships can fire at the ships contesting the zone, hence why it's extremely dangerous. In Naval Action if you sit on another edge of the zone and angled, best thing enemy can do is shoot your masts or sails, maybe some shaky bow/stern rake but it won't hurt much. You are basically very safe at that far distance, unless it's like 1st rate against 7th rate and even then there is a lot of potential for tanking, kiting and dodging. Summing up, small ships in PBs shouldn't be used for kiting or blocking but for fast tactical strikes and as vessel units that can quickly reinforce weaker parts of the fleet. Capture zones are not meant for "blocking points" and "kiting" but to concentrate fighting in designed places, encourage engaging in fight and minimize kiting. In the current state, they do not. Also, as mentioned already in the topic, Hostility = PvE = no fun (but we all know this won't change despite numerous valid suggestions proposed in the past).
  7. Frankly, disagreed. I see a nice group of Polish players having fun, daily. They talk on the Polish discord, post screenshots and play together. Why do we need more players? If more players join Poland then we won' t be a small and nice faction anymore. Also, having no ports has its benefit of not being involved into RvR drama and politics. Perhaps, Poland is the true pirate nation 🤔
  8. Glory days of the SNOW clan are gone? Seems like it's newspapers' time during the retirement.
  9. Figureheads is almost a big topic of discussion. Often there is not much details left on that matter and throughout the service of the ship, some of them changed their figureheads just like the names.
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