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  1. Just some suggestions on Skirmishers if anyone is interested For skirmishers to be most effective 1. Use a commander with high perception 2. Get a long range gun, slow reload is fine. No bayonet or swords. This a ranged unit, shoot and runaway to reload. They are highly dependent on their rifles. Kentucky and Jaegers come to mind here. They have good camouflage value, allowing them to scout for your army or spot for your artillery. Best used to slow down an enemy advance (giving you time to get reinforcements), fighting other skirmishers, and finishing off a unit that is constantly running away from you across the map and being annoying. Worst used in melee and against infantry in a defensive structure. They get a cover bonus because they run a spread out formation, but suffer a damage and melee penalty for the same reason. I tend to keep them in cover to exacerbate their cover bonus. I run 80 to 90 soldiers in a unit. This is more powerful than other skirmisher units, but small enough to still be efficient. In the current available content, I have not needed more than one skirmisher unit per battle.
  2. I think it needs some modification. Maybe if they gave you more options but only let you select a few. For instance, they give you 5 options but you can only select up to a max of 3 of them. Hopefully this will fix me going through all the current available game, and the only ground troops I can produce is militia. The other issue I have is when I have something like "German weapons 1", and want the second level. But the options I am given are "French Weapons 1" and "Spanish weapons 1".
  3. I think my issue is that on Easy, the US campaign is still very difficult for a first time player. You are going up against larger ships, with HUGE troop numbers. The British campaign on easy, is just that. Easy. I feel like the two campaigns should be equal in that manner. However this is just my opinion, the developers may intend the American campaign to be more difficult overall.
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