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  1. AIIB is a Portuguese language clan established at Poland Nation. we are happy in receive new members AIIB é um clã de língua Portuguesa estabelecido na nação Polonesa (Commonwealth of Poland), ficaremos felizes em receber novos membros Entrando na nação polonesa, procurar pelo meu nome de jogo (Dear Daniel) para contato
  2. Dear developers, you could consider implement a minimum number of ppl to form a new clan? Something like, a player form a clan and have 24 hours to include at least other two players at this clan, or it would be removed? It´s kinda ridiculous the proliferation of one man clans that goes totally against the cooperative game proposal, that only serves to the vanity of some people that think theyselve aces that would show their kills at clans scoreboards, for that already exist the pvp individual leadership. Thanks for consider my suggestion
  3. Dear developers, Christmas is coming and you could give a gift to the community of Brazilian and Portuguese players by lengthening the map to the mouth of the Amazon River to include the nation Portugal. Brazil is one of the world's largest markets for electronic games and we miss a nation in Naval Action to be able to speak our own language. Thank you for considering my suggestion and Merry Christmas to all.
  4. Hello Dear Developers As congreve was in fact a rockets weapon, how about to make the game experience more realistic, adding the real way it worked? In attachment a pic that a friend found about this weapons in action Thanks for consider my suggestion! Murilo
  5. We are seeing that the game is unbalanced in a dangerous way with only one or very few large and powerful factions, joined by players who prefer the easy mode as opposed to a good game experience for everyone who bought the game. If the imbalance continues to grow, it will soon be necessary to zero the game, because there cannot be combat with a single faction or two allied factions; zeroing the game is not in anyone's interest, on the contrary, every time this has to be done, players will give up because they have to start all over again. On the other hand, no one buys a game to se
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