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  1. Well, first fhings first: THANK YOU to the developers; you did a fantastic job on this game ! I have already done the british campaign twice and I think the option to skip some of the ground battles is the way forward to ballance the game for those who would like to see more naval gameplay. For the future (like some comments mentioned her before) I would be interested in having more minor side quests with some skirmish in a range of 80-120 so that the player has to do some "fine-tuning" on his ships to accomplish this missions. Since I am interested in 18th- and 19th century naval warfare, it would be super exciting to have a more broader selection of available ship-types in the game (introduction of 4th rates like the 50 gun Portlands- and 44 gun fifth rate two-decker Roebuck-class, which also played their part in the american revolutionary war, 36 gun 12pdr Pallas-class frigates...). By the way; I think the Hermione-class frigates which are actally available in the game seems to be Southhampton-class frigates in reality... @WilliamTheIII how do you get your Hands on that Endymion class frigate in the game; I absolutely love this ship ! Greetings from Germany
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