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  1. I finished the battle of valcour island a few minutes ago with victory. I captured 4 ships and retreated in phase two. It works. But you cannot sink enemy ships. I could shot down the armor but not the hull ( sent F11).
  2. Dexterity, strength and perception are reversed in game. Dexterity is strength, strength is perseption and perseption is dexterity. I sent two times a bug report, but I donĀ“t know if it receipt. In harbour I get not a confirmation for bug report sending.
  3. Why are the crews of the merchant ships so strong? Such ships never had more than the necessary crew on board for sailing. A brig with 136 men on board is unrealistic. After all, only 20 to 30 men are required to sail. A transport frigate might have around 80 men on board, not 420. The ships were driven from an economic point of view. Even armed merchant ships rarely had enough men on board to man the cannons (with a few exceptions such as the Indiaman ships). They had escorts to protect them. And bombarding a ship with canister for hours is really boring.
  4. I got it in Ontario Express in the same chapter. 52 guns, 510 men and 14.4 knots fast. I love it!
  5. You mean the 2nd chapter. Today there is only one US chapter to play.
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