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  1. Does that mean we can delete the Launcher version now and rely on Steam completely or will there be differences between the versions?
  2. Considering how the game works, I'd say the chances to explore (or explode) a Spanish ship would actually be larger in any campaign that isn't a Spanish one.
  3. So...does that mean we can actually add names to that list? If so, can we get this for the UI and AI Mod as well?
  4. Except for one confused guy who is manning the guns. "Okay guys, I'm ready to load the guns when you are...guys?"
  5. According to recent patch notes they reduced the rewards from the British campaign. Obviously there is still a lot of balancing to be done and some thing strongly depend on how successful you are during your campaign that will probably lead to some form of snowballing in the end. For example capturing the Arrogant makes a couple of other missions down the line a lot easier, probably enabling you to capture even more SoLs that you otherwise might have to destroy if you don't have one SoL of your own. So now you might end up with two SoL in one playthrough and someone else might not have ev
  6. Yeah...those things are kinda hard to balance and atm it is relatively obvious, which skills are the best. It was (and still is) the same for Ultimate General Civil War though. Of course Politics and Medicine are better in that game than Economics and Training. On the other side: If those skills get balanced out it makes almost no point in giving the player a choice in the first place.
  7. Another place would be under the tab "News" in the launcher the first entry about "Backer Build 4 patch notes". It seems to be from the 12/14/19 but it actually contains notes from the recent patches as well.
  8. Be aware, you essentially are paying extra to play the alpha version now instead of waiting for the Early Access version on Steam in a couple of months. So be aware what "alpha version" means, it is buggy and unfinished and still right in the middle of development. They have you pay extra so you are very sure about what you get yourself into, so to speak. Also if you go for the Admiral Version please do us all the favor and chose a reasonably realistic "British" sounding name. I really don't need another "TheHistoryGuy" in my historic game. (Just for the record, I like and wa
  9. I surly hope, this is just a placeholder mechanic for now, since these missions actually have a "duration" and as of now it is basically as you say. You do all the navy missions first and then send your ships on the PoI missions. Would be more interesting if you actually had to make decisions here.
  10. Actually I would rather see more surrenders and shattering. Having units fight almost to the death like in a Total War game feels kinda weird and very unauthentic. In a real battle units that lost about half their men were often considered "shattered" or "virtually wiped out". Pickett lost around 50% of his men during the charge in killed and wounded and after that, his division was considered "wiped out" and the charge is called one the biggest military failures of the whole civil war. Also "deaths" in the game should clearly be called casualties, but that is something the Ultimate seri
  11. Is it just me or have they increased the condition decrease during running considerably?
  12. Okay, today the defense of Savannah in the British campaign totally broke on my. Like the Icons of the units where just fixed on the screen while I scrolled the camera. The units stopped moving or shooting and when I just sat out the time pushing "Finish" on the battle end screen just closed the battle summery but didn't let me leave the actual battle. ­čśů
  13. Nope, there path didn't cross the land. I didn't just click on the beach or something, i moved them in relatively straight lines but when there paths crossed, even if they had a lot of distance the AI would act up.
  14. Is the pathfinding for the landing boats acting up for anyone else during this mission when you sent the boats down the small river? I feels like when boat A is SOMEWHERE on the path that boat B wants to take, even if it is ways down, Boat B starts to turn around as if it had to try to find another way around a massive obstacle.
  15. The whole surrender mechanic needs a bit of tweaking (it is an alpha version after all). I had instances where a 100 men surrendered to like 30 and they weren't surrounded by any means and they weren't just settlers either. It felt very weird. On another note ships sometimes seem to be too sturdy. I cheesed the AI yesterday during the Treasure Fleet Mission with the Arrogant and I was pumping canisters into the last Spanish ship of the line and I had to take the crew down to like 50 or so from 500 until it finally surrendered. Overall I think the casualties on ships are too
  16. That is basically how I did it. I sailed kinda somewhat through the middle of the enemy units with the Arrogant and the San Giorvanni and since both were faster than the enemy combat units I actually was able to reach the two transports, forced on of them to surrender and the other was captured (this was basically where my biggest loses occurred┬┤. Then I used my two combat ships again to lure the enemy battle fleet away, while the damaged transports made a run for it.
  17. Yes, the mission with the ship is Fireworks, the mission in which you can lose all your ground forces and only be left with essentially empty ships while your goal to win the battle is taking a flag would be Crossfire.
  18. Then the condition should be changed to "Romulus must not sink" or something, since you can still get her back after she surrenders and the battle should only end prematurely if she sinks or if she surrenders and the player has lost everything else.
  19. This mission is bogus. Why do I lose it, when the Romulus surrenders even though I could easily conquer her back? But an amphibious mission doesn't end, when I have lost all land forces? That lose condition makes no sense whatsoever.
  20. You can already change the name of your...well...character by clicking on the name in the screen where you chose the picture after you set the difficulty. And you can also switch to different character picture of course, I think the Brits have like Jarvis and Rodney in addition to Nelson.
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