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  1. I'd like to have seen a 3rd option - OK for the moment. I can't see the point of adding more hulls whilst there are several outstanding gameplay issues still be sorted. On the other hand if new hulls can be added without impacting the gameplay coding then it wouldn't do any harm but like a couple of the posters above I'd like to see the early eras given some attention. I also agree with Skoggatt that they should have gone for a narrower time range to start with to keep things manageable. There's plenty of technological change from 1890-1925 to keep us occupied and the big g
  2. I'd agree with Steeltrap on this one. I also want to see the basic gameplay sorted out before worrying about more cosmetic options.
  3. For me the most important part is the formation improvements. Having ships being able to manoeuvre in formation seems to me a fairly basic requirement of a Naval gamer
  4. I don't know how relevant this is but I did notice this quote with regard to HMS Renown 'Deputy Controller said the ship could best deal with the German Scharnhorsts at about 18,000 yds and 45° bearing. Friedman, Norman. The British Battleship 1906-1946 . Pen and Sword. Kindle Edition. ' Its in a section regarding armour protection following the loss of Hood. However earlier in the same page it states that both the QE's and KGV's should fight beam on against the Bismarck. So it would seem to me that angling for better armour protection was considered but like all thi
  5. Some random thoughts 1. I'm not convinced that ships should be able to reduce flotation damage during a battle. I think they should be able to stop flooding but maybe only larger ships might have the capacity to pump out water. In my most recent battle a 1904 torpedo boat went from red flotation back up to 60% or so. 2. Guns seem a bit too difficult to knock out especially on smaller ships where they are only shielded. I don't know if its modeled or not but I would hope to see shielded guns knocked out by crew casualties (whether by having crew or abstracted). It may just be a tex
  6. I may be misunderstanding but is it the case that the Academy missions haven't been fixed yet?
  7. Only one I can think of is Pommern at the Battle of Jutland which may have been caused by the torpedo setting of some of her secondary ammo
  8. I'd like to see more formation commands. So for example allowing all ships to turn together rather than just following one another.
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