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  1. I would love it if the game did not redesign and rebuild all ships when "Restart the batte" is selected - to reduce the loading time in this case. In all other cases the game should do just this to keep up generating variety.
  2. My casual observation is that smaller ships are harder to flood than I'm used to in the past.
  3. I am playing all the missions in the current version as the progress has been erased. The Modern Battleship mission seems to be overly difficult. Taking out 70 percent of all enemies requires two battleships, which are not top-edge due to lack of funds. A single battleship is fired upon by 13 ships and runs out of ammunition, even if it survives long enough.
  4. Hello, Most graphical settings and presets are not preserved when you click the Apply button. Restarting the game resets them to an undefined default configuration. The placement of the new settings window is unfortunate. It almost completely obscures the ship and port where the user should be able to test the effect. As a consequence of the settings problem, my new visuals are worse than before. The old ugly buttons made more sense to me.
  5. Sovetskiy Souz is so fat, it does fit in the dock! LOL. Seriously, glad the patch is out!
  6. I am replaying all the missions strictly linearly and I am not finished (so no vote yet). There were only 35 of them when I last installed the game, so a lot should have changed. On the Monitor vs Virginia missions. The first one should be doable once you realize that you can enlarge your Monitor to carry two turrets. The second one depends on luck, but the following strategy helps. You will notice that at some point in the batte the Monitor will stop (this also happends in the first mission, in which the Virginia stops). You need to cross the T of the Monitor with your Virginia when this
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions! I got the mission on the first try with HusariuS’s design, plus the suggested Increased Ammo, plus some micromanagement of evasive manoeuvring and fire distribution. My own design (see above) was flawed in many respects. It had weaker weapons on a slower ship with I lot more armor. This formula just did not work in this scenario. Hey Evil4Zerggin, got to try this out. I wish you all a healthy and productive New Year!
  8. First off, kudos to the developers for a fun game and hi to the forum! I am stuck on my last Naval Academy mission: Destroy a Full Fleet. The maximum I can build are two battleships, which apparently is not enough to beat the two enemy battleships, a battle cruiser and their escorts. Is this mission currently slightly off-balance and should be left till reworked, or should I try harder/smarter? Cheers
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