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  1. They where gonna release it but they found a crash problem and stated so and said they have to fix it and release it tomorrow if that doesn't happy then it is ok i would rather they do it right once instead of ending up like WoWS constantly fixing problems on a release that was reported and found in testing and before release.
  2. The subs arnt bad problem what you have is most player on that game don't understand ship roles neither do the devs of that game either that is probably well over half the issue.
  3. I say take there time make sure the structure of the game itself the ships building theme and such and so forth needs be spot on and problem free before they even think of releasing the game. So I can wait and test it a little here and there to ensure quality is done instead of rush job.
  4. That isn't the only and main reason don't get me wrong i don't blame theme for not doing it from my experience even when a company does have that all the players do it complain WoW as an example no matter what Blizzard does to make game better it always always turns into a shit storm. So I don't really blame companies for not doing why bother when all the community will is sling it each each other us the brand and anywhere else they put it. So I don't blame theme for not having open communication when the community as a large not just this one but all of theme stop that then companies and
  5. i Have been waiting to see what they will do with the German guns very nice and the new hulls too various fixes seemed minor to me yeah may make the AI more aggressive but then again can be easily countered also with a half smart captain.
  6. I have an odd bug don't know if it is due to the update but when i try and sign in it says couldnt not get your game access details. Please try again after 4 tries.
  7. Here is a video by the user mentioned earlier that has the range finding done in a manner that can be explained better than I can with out losing people in math terms and over whelming facts.
  8. You do have a point on the WOWS and WT community generally saying bad about what they don't know as in those communities the ones that did where either bullied by mods and the community to the point they walk awayed or where banned by mods for making the game look bad going against what the company wanted you to believe instead of IRL numbrs. WOWS was really known for this as all you have to is look as Russian Cruisers and compare to IRL ones and see the issue there or US British German French and Italian ships to see it also. Generally the Soviet/Russian ships where stat padded to such a poin
  9. Yes but a Gunners mate in the US Navy when I was in the US Navy I agree the game is way of charts and what was actual in IRL. The video your talking is the best way to explain how it all works without losing many people in the match alone. But the game is not accurate at all to any fire charts I still have from when I was in the Navy from A School on those guns yes the US Navy still taught the old WW2 guns like the 8:/55 Mk 12 threw 16 guns the 6"/47Mk 16 guns 16DP guns along with the two 5"51 Mks 7 threw 15 and the 5'38 Mk12 and the 5"54 Mk16 guns. They are US guns but in game they are way m
  10. The Diesel Engines on the Deutschland class did give better range for weight and efficiency of use HP per use of fuel. The weight savings came in the fact you didn't need heavier boilers and turbines on the ship that weight could be used in other areas like armor guns and to carry more fuel. HP measured amount of fuel came in the fact compared to boilers which required x amount of coal and or oil to heat y amount of water to c amount of tempter to boil properly for use on the ship to move z amount of speed. When you look at that the diesels they where better especially for range and
  11. Some had more than that the Fargo's after CL-109 New haven to CL-118 Chattanooga where to have 6 inches of belt and turret face armor. Some the design plans that would come later in some nations but never built also came that way even some early Light Cruisers had 6 inches. Although 3 inches was the more common practice for nations due to cost and weight savings and ranges. Before anyone brings up the Fargos where advanced Clevelands only the first 3 where built on Cleveland Class hulls due to avalbility at the time after that the order was given for the Fargo hulls to built. Shortly afte
  12. There are a few things I would like to bring up mainly with design of a ship Light Cruisers main belt armor should be increased from 5 inches to around 6.2 inches as a main reason for this change is simple weight. Most light Cruisers being built after 1930 was above 6 inch limit. This would give a slightly better lay out armor from Modern Light Cruiser in game from the preceding older designs. Build I made using the Italian Navy there is about 500 unused weight I can use for armor as the weapon sweet is good on that design when I push speed to 32 knots I can still use 290 tones. I'm
  13. There is a few inaccuracies I need point out of the game dealing with actual ships design first the London treaties so as to have a base to explain it all. London Naval treaties came in two agreements before the out break of the second world war, there was talks of a third agreement but the war broke out so discussion of it was never completed explain later. This will be summarized as it is very lengthy and long and dry so I shortened it too be quick and easy. Destroyer 1,850 tons and guns not exceeding 5.1 in (130 mm) exceptions where made in the second part for destroyers for Dest
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