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  1. I hate the fact that some of the missions can take awhile and you can't stop and start. I also experienced a defeat in the mission were you have to travel down the river in your row boats and was annoyed that I had to restart from the beginning. It's annoying for those who are time poor and can really ruin an experience if you can't just jump back in due to life commitments. Is Spain, France and Revolutionary France in campaign format or just in one off battle format? I can see the American one is in development at least on the campaign screen? Something like Sea Dog's 1 or 2's econ
  2. So, here are some questions I have for both the development team and the online community. - Are we going to see the ability to save our game during game play either in the near future or upon release? - Are we going to see other major nations such as France come into play for campaign? Either as opponents or as playable fractions? - Sandbox option available as a possible DLC done the track?
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