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  1. They are in line. It is just that their strongpoints are the attributes players value the most. Also as part of (previously) rare woods (means that their forest costs more points to builds and they dont drop from ports), they should be stronger then the common ones (sabicu, mahogany etc.) as there would be no reason for them to be more expensive otherwise. To sum it up, if you want teak/live oak/white oak to be as good/bad as mahogany/bermuda etc., then they would have to cost the same on all levels of availibility
  2. Thats the point. Fir fir (lets say Redoutable) used to be able to catch any lower ship which decided to pick anything other then fir fir and melt it while also outrun anything similar sized or bigger made out of anything else then fir fir. So "fair fight" was only between two fir fir Reds. I think forcing people to pick speed with vulnerability or durability without speed is a good idea. I wonder why even people opted for fir fir ships instead of teak/wo or teak/teak and then complain about low durability of their fir. Fir is the softest wood of all, why it should be tanky? Also locust is
  3. Fastest woods shouldnt be able to win fights. When you can win equal fights and still be able to outrun anybody even slightly battleready, than it is wrong. If you want WARship, you should be risking by not having as much speed. Just my two cents there. New wood patch turned out good in my opinion. You are forced to pick and there is many combos which to pick from now.
  4. But fight of equal captains is decides by ships. Thats why they matters. You cant be so bumptious to think you are the best captain of high seas. You have to account for meeting a equal or better player so you need any advantage you can get (ship)
  5. The issue is, you dont need 1,5h headstart. What should headstart even serve for? Right now it is done in 30minutes and then it is just waiting until time window starts and leave the battle at set time - fracture of second into the window. No headstart for PvE is the best solution, fair to everybody.
  6. First, thank you for reply. Second, I may have not make myself clear there. I was asking when (old) hostilities will be resumed on PvE server. Right now there is none, map become static.
  7. Thanks for news. Is there any ETA on RvR resumption on PvE server?
  8. Also one more important difference between PvP and PvE. People say, that PvP will get hit more, but honestly, making your ships weaker means your opponent´s ship is weaker also on PvP. But on PvE we face dumb, but increasingly buffed AIs so you need the best ships you can get in order to not get steamrolled. Why you think nobody uses anything else then lo/wo and tk/wo? Bcs who the hell would want to face home defence fleets in fir/bermuda ships???
  9. MILION TIMES THIS!! @Cetric de Cornusiac I respect you mate, but this time it seems you missed the memo. Especialy since you also play on PvE, you should know, that the sole endgame is challenging yourself in beating multiples of your BR rating to speed up the grind. Sure, you can beat whatever number of ships in cag/crew space Ruyter, but I can guarantee you would be able to do it much faster in Tk(s)/Wo(s) with decent PBs. So why shooting your own foot with discregarding "best, coolest, meta, whatever you call it" ship? Why walk on one foot when you can use a Hayabusa (really fast motorcycle
  10. Soo, I dont want to overreact, but does that mean my tk(S) wo(s) ships are now trash? I am not really keen on spending another 1000 plus hours to rebuild my fleet all over again!
  11. I can smell dubloon profiteer They are not taking any of your dubs away and now even crafting wont take away any, so you can cuddle with all of them. You just cant take advantage of other´s hungry for dubloons. So I would say it is a good thing. Those of us who didnt exploit that dubloon farming bug can never have enough of them, so thumbs up on this.
  12. Especialy since that quote states that problem with deep draft couldn´t be rectified. Wonder why the current one IS rectified?
  13. Looting killed ships using longboats from your ship. If enemy dies upwind from you, by pressing a button you send your ship´s rowing longboats to pick the loot. They might have some weight limit. E.g. you open cargo of killed trader using your longboats and see some repairs and trade cargo (that 100t weight each) so you can only pick the repairs and decide, if you want to drag your 2000t ship against the wind to loot the trade goods. I mean, there are not many things more disappointing then killing a ship, then spending 10minutes tacking your 1st rate against the wind
  14. That is not what OP was talking about, althought that is valid point nonetheless. egardless, I´ve been mentioning that row boat idea a lot in game, hope it will come through one day. Not only it would be great QoL addition, it would also add an immersion. There is no way captain would drag its 2000ton first rate against the wind when you only need to send its numerous row boats few tents of meters to pick the loot. It might take the same amount of time to ferry some bigger cargo, but if they would make it the way that time to ferry the cargo would be dependant on weight of loot, that woul
  15. Fingers crossed. "Soon" is already taking a while, but since that Diana event, it is my most favourite ship from all of them. Dutch were great shipbuilders.
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