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  1. They could just allow investments in nation´s capitals. But regarding other nations, I agree with the side voting for not to. I am talking from PvE perspective and in PvP it might be even more pronounced. For example Dutch has only around 10 players in total. Now few will go as chineese and some more as portugeese? Nations with <5 players are not exactly what we need. Honestly, I would be glad if this game would only have british, french, spaniards and maybe pirates, there is no need for more (I am neither of those nationalities in RL mind you). It just adds zero to game immersion seeing Victory flying e.g. prussian flag. I can fathom it flying french or spanish flag as they had a fleet to take her if Nelson wouldnt be so great leader, but prussians? Russians? Dutch? (they were annected by France at this point anyway) I dont want to diminish the importance of other nations, but they just spread the game population too thin.
  2. Hi Alde. The best posible location is port with labour hour discount activated (up to 40% saved LH). So in your case, San Juan is optimail (I have one there as well). Labour hours are the single biggest bottleneck of seasoning. As for other resources, you need doubloons, tools and actual nonseasoned wood logs of said type. I am usualy just crafting tools via workshop tool blueprint, but if you would want to buy them, I think Cabo Rojo is the closes source from San Juan.
  3. As title suggest, is there any way to destroy already builded port investments, e.g. towers if you need to use points on something else? Thank you guys and gals
  4. I have to say, I consider myself very lucky running into so many of them. So the title is not really deserved Funny thing is, PvP server actually can make use of fast non armored wood combos like fir/bermuda with sailing PB4 (one of ships I´ve got) while on PvE they are entirely useless fighting elite AIs. So they got it the other way around 😕
  5. Well I only went for one Cecilia and one Diana note for more dock queens as there is not much use for 5th rates except occasional fun for which I prefer Endymion anyway. But went all out on Ruyters, capping 11 of them, not being able to find decent wood combo (at least 80+ base armor). Ruyters are amazing looking and performing ships, I really hope they will make them craftable. In this case I wouldnt even be mad for DLC, but staying with "rare diana-like status" would be complete waste of modeling/programming effort. Once the initial thrill goes away, nobody will use 70 armor mahogany/bermuda or something in face of ever increasingly powerful AIs and while having dozens of seasoned ships in dock. So I would say in few weeks Ruyters will completely fade away thus wasting an oportunity and work put into it. That being said from PvE server perspective. BTW I really dont know how those datamined datas about Ryuter woods can be true. There certainly wasnt any Teak(s)/WO(s) around, at least not in statisticaly superior numbers
  6. Well all those reasons against showing names of "enemy player" are only valid for PvP. So why do we have to have this thing also in PvE?
  7. I dotn really see why those hostilities can even be started before the window. What is the window there for then?? I think best fix would be to allow the hostilities to start only in the window, so it is just so the best fighters finish it first. At the moment it works like that, that everybody have all the time in the world and then just differs in (mili)seconds in pressing leave button. There is no skill to that, at least not gameplay wise.
  8. Well I think we really need to distinguish between PvP and PvE port battles. Most of problems you guys are presenting here are PvP related. We are only having "problem" with how hostilies work. As people can do it BEFORE time window and then it is only matter of who can click exit battle faster and not a matter of skill or tactical prowness
  9. Trawn

    La navasse

    Now you dont mean that do you? This escapade wouldn´t even take place if not for dev´s misstep. We all knew it was not intentional, yet you all decided to take advantage of it. In short you got greed got the best of you and tried to exploit game bug and now you are trying to reason another ransom? You are funny
  10. Well those should be about "NPC port battle raiders". In any words: the raiders which attacks ports....resulting in port battles defences. Thats what I imagine as "NPC port battle raider". Not a "privateers", which are defenders of capitol teritory. Would have appreciated more precise wording so I would have not lost seasoned ship, but hey, virtual pixels anyway. Looking forward on checking their speed, they are definitelly faster now, not slower (at least two days ago that is, havent done them today)
  11. It is such a shame this game only revolves around Bellona, Christian and Ocean. They are gorgeous and powerful ships for sure, but I am starting to get fed up with them, they are everywhere. They may as well delete all other ships from the looks of it. 🤔
  12. Well I would guess he meant patrol zone with frigate level (5th rate) limit. Most of them are either shallow water or no limit at all. Which means everybody and their dogs runs gifted Oceans. So you cant have any fun in 5th rate (deep water frigates)
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