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  1. Thanks everyone for the answers, I think I'll start hunting 😁
  2. Thanks the answers! 🙂 PVP battles have an XP bonus? I know sometimes pvp its much more fun but not slower chasing someone who dont want fight? 😀
  3. I'm a new player, my question is what is the best way to level up? My second attempt was successful final exam, i've tried killing missions but the bots are too strong i think.. Rank5 VS 2x op rank4,(AI never miss, always pen.,ridiculous damage,etc..etc..And out of town hunting for small ships is ridiculously slow.. 50-60xp / battle? 100+ sinked ship for lvl3? Or do u have a better idea? Thanks for ur answers.
  4. Üdv. Jó lenne összehozni egy nagyobb magyar flottát, ingame nem igazán találkoztam magyarokkal, szóval hányan vagyunk? 😁
  5. Hali, 2016 ban volt az utolsó post így lehet kicsit késő, de valaki tolja még innen a gameet? 😁
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