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  1. Greetings, First of all, im a new player and im learning the game. Being aggresive and condesendant toward me with the very first interaction is not a good idea. It give a very bad reputation and first impression to you and your clan (Albeit you were all very skilled as we saw yesterday night). I was not there when the schisme of the french community took place and yet, i find it absurd to split the a small community like that (and being agressive toward one another). Secondly, i've volunteered (beeing the fatest and smallest ship of the fleet) to move out and "tag" you while i was waiting for reinforcements. Having recieved severe damage and that my support couldn't move to our position i retreated. While on the way to rejoin my initial fleet i have been intercepted by Rasputin, who (like me against you) engaged and sunk my "La Belle Poule". After that, i came back with a snow. But got sunk in the first seconds of the battle. PS : The chat that gave me this complaint, the pictures of the french fleet, the battle-leaderboard and the ensuing epic battle that took place for 1 hour and 40 minutes ~ is attached to this post (well the time limit was reached). I will also won't speak of why you cut your sound on your video at the most...convinient time as well. Thanks for reading me. Cordialement, S'Aarum. con_this_is_pointless.ogg
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