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  1. Woah! maybe your time in the Navy has left you with serious anger issues. I think you might need professional help. Time to rejoin the human race...
  2. Just what planet is it that you are living on, Bud? Since when are any unarmed traders gonna sink or get away from 11 ships, no matter how many times you try? Really!
  3. Maybe if aggressive AI only operated close to shore, then the traders might have a chance. I was confronted by 11 ships, far out to sea, 5 of them 1st rates, the rest fast 3rd/4th/5th rates. how is this fair? You are in danger of losing the whole purpose of having two different servers. We will end up with PvP and PvPlight. A lot of players love to play your game without having to look over their shoulders all the time. At least you should give them the option to have their hard work destroyed in an instant...
  4. I think youre forgetting that some players like a static picture. That's why they are in PvE in the first place. No stress, peaceful trading.
  5. Yeah, that's all very well Admin, but I lost 4 good ships and 5 million reals in your little "experiment". Thanks for that.
  6. What is going on? Just lost my Indiaman fleet to grossly overstrong privateers with no chance of escape. 4-5 days of grinding and over 5million reals of cargo sent to the bottom. Some people might think that this is funny, but they belong on the PvP server. No more quiet trading on what was a PEACE server. I will not be playing again. I am really VERY angry.
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