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  1. I think just "they" want the comfort of having safe ports
  2. Thank you for your quick performance, I feel happy with your statement. We knew that we did not reach the percentage of PB to obtain the port, but we found it unfair and dishonest, the entry of said player in our warming
  3. Miembros 6 6 6 publicaciones Informar publicacion Publicado hace 2 minutos (editado) I want to report that yesterday at 11:30 until 12:10 a player from the British nation named Frank Ramsey decided to enter the warming of George town with Pandora to burst our warming towards George Town Within this battle, the player repeated several times that he did not know the English language and that we spoke to him in German.

    La navasse

    nop, The official statement was communicated after the warming of the port, therefore any accusations you make to those who captured the navasse during the incident are without foundation, they have always taught me to distrust strangers and to rely on facts and not on the word of others. . we went to the navasse, we captured it and we lost it because it was said that it was a mistake and it was over, the only thing we ask for is an apology for what happened to the administrators who have not deigned to say sorry and put an official statement in game that the events of the navasse w
  5. In my opinion you are absolutely right, the war is not fair, but that means that if you put a CB limitation, your opponent has the right to overcome said CB, while you are obliged to comply with it at a low table. Is virtual warfare fair? It should be in a game ...
  6. Seeing the implementation that they have put in, we enter the game to try to help the attacked to recover the ship, once the battle was over, unfortunately we could not recover the ship. OUR INTENTION WAS NOT ATTACKING THE PLAYER, BUT RETURNING THE BOAT
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