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  1. I know, but I want to see a ship literally evaporate into a plume of smoke
  2. I wish ammo detonations were more spectacular in game, a la Hood and Barham.
  3. Being able to design all your ships in a custom or naval academy battle would be on my list so I can actually have useful ships
  4. So I'm seeing the Super Battleship designs for Iowa, Bismarck and Yamato...when us Brits get the KGV, Lion and Vanguard type hulls? Or the French get Richelieu or Jean Bart?
  5. That's what she said! In all serious I present some of my weird creations: HMS King Edward VII Main Armament: 4 triple 18" guns Secondary Armament: 10 triple 8" guns, 12 triple 5" guns and 18 triple 3" guns HMS Zealandia Main Armament: 4 triple 18" guns Secondary Armament: 6 triple 15" guns, HMS Windsor (aka Agincourt on steriods) Main Armament: 7 triple 16" guns (18" wouldn't fit) Secondary Armament: 6 triple 5" guns, 16 triple 3" guns
  6. Snap points for Barbettes and Superstructures are rapidly becoming the bane of my life right now - for barbettes in particular, they are unnecessarily restrictive as well as not being able to barbette secondary armaments due to disabling the smaller "pads" causes no end of frustration for me. Additionally, the displacement slider really isn't that intuitive - perhaps have a hard cap like we do currently but allow for us to manually increase or decrease the length and beam of the ship manually! We also need way more options in terms of superstructure (Nelson, King George, Hood and Lion/Vanguar
  7. Absolutely - personally, I don't like that superstructures are restricted where you can place them because of snap points. Same with the barbettes.
  8. The mighty KGV class - compromised perfection and interestingly, the second most heavily armoured battleship class after the Yamato class. Would be great to see the hulls of KGV, Dunkerque, Richelieu and Nelson in game and of course, quadruple turrets...I do quite like playing with all guns forward. Would certainly be interesting to have quad 18inch guns
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