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  1. ...endless login queue after being thrown out...
  2. Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes for Gamelabs in New Year 2020.
  3. I can imagine it is very frustrating to lose port. But it is easy to win it back, and after that the only difference will be one investment stage missing, if I understood right. Players are looking for proven concepts how to defend a port, a ready-made recipe. But is that really good if they find a recipe which always works? Let me doubt it. Then it will be no challenge any more. We need surprises and having to adapt to the situation, do improvisation. Otherwise it is just repeating a known concept and everyone will finally be bored, also the frustrated commentators here. We need a system which is having enough options to surprise us, if even it is to our disadvantage. When we arrive at the point that port battles are only a formality and always will be won by players if they only come in large numbers, we could quit having that feature 'portbattle' at all. Is war fair? Probably never was.
  4. Give it some time, devs will arrive at some solution everyone will find acceptable. I think it became evident here the community of peace server is divided regarding aggressive NPC, not dedicated to opposing the idea as cleary as in the case of Loki Runes.
  5. No. Privateer fleets as source of seasoned woods or recipes will stay. Just their attack ability will be disabled. Admin did not say the fleets are going to vanish.
  6. From Ink's answer to the thread in support section I deduct this new feature was not really intended but is a 'bug' or something, as he announced an investigation on it. Let's hope so.
  7. What if I tell you players are able to join privateer fleets only, so this results in PvP? Look it up in support section.
  8. Drum Major / Tambour Major He stands for a military band you form on board of your ship. On small vessels that is only drum and pipes, on larger ships a band which not only plays marches when going into battle but also entertains the crew during voyage. Gives big morale boost of + 10 % when boarding for men being motivated by glorious music. Reduces enemy morale by intimidation - 3 %. Reduces a bit number of fighting men as they are busy with their music instruments instead: Grenades - 0,01 Muskets - 0.01 Boarding Cannons - 0.01 Melee - 0.01. Blueprint will ask for: 10 Languedoc Violins 10 Fine Leather, 5 Pino Ocote Logs, 5 Malabar Teak, 2 Ivory, 2 Bull Sharks (for their bones) for creating other instruments. 2000 Doubloons (hey musicians are artists and need pay). Courtesy LDMF Clan.
  9. Do not worry. I still like you, nevertheless When you don't have your glasses on, you get fooled by a mirrored view. Alright, no hard feelings, I read somewhere you were informed about the matter already.
  10. No big guesswork. You will learn it too, one day. Big guys in big clans = first to have premium content they ranted about, at each introduction of novelties.
  11. Funny though the ones who are complaining here the most are the same inner circle of guys who will be first to profit from seasoned woods. ^^ Also: You must be a lousy captain for depending so much on having the better hardware that you demand a replacement for your undoubtedly already high-geared First Rate. And of course you won't get it. As everyone faces the change.
  12. Something for the immersive side of the game, but since all mentioned effects are negative, people would soon learn to hate them. While the calculation load the program is asking your computer to perform will probably rise, without justifying a performance loss.
  13. - Ship models, variety in them, even more so by paints - their handling, different with every model, and of course interaction with other models (combat with all animations/effects) - their customization by upgrades, woods, port boni - trading opportunities in the world, manifold. Not too easy but still nobody can go broke as long as eco missions remain as the last straw. - fighting opportunities in the world, watching for appropriate opponents (and for PvP war server the need to avoid dangerous encounters) - skill differences found in NPC captains. I have never seen anything like this in a computer game.
  14. Suppose it is just a luxury boat for ferrying the admiral around and serves as a prestige object. With light armament you would not take this with you into battle. Or who does?
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