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  1. ? any news on core patch 1 hope it release the next few days but there is some issues that need to be fix in core patch 1 where you place a secondary gun next to the front tower it light yellow and some british hulls need to be updated so we can move the barbette where ever we want like british battlecruiser mkv also i on same hull you cant place a secondary barbette on the
  2. ok would love more british hull for the 1920 to 1940 renown class battlecruiser and revenge class county class cruiser
  3. game laps should be more like crytivo and pre historic kingdom they have a really good road map also is there is time the missing update should release update should release today if it is today and not 10 years time
  4. man i would love to see some news about core patch 0.5 some times i am thinking about uninstall the game since i dont play it much these days
  5. i want to know why we havent seen anything for the update like one of the new italian battleships hull and hope for next update we get to see the map or something
  6. man i hope its release tomorrow and campaign next friday and we need more british battlecruisers hull in 1.0 like renown queen mary tiger Courageous class G3 battlecruiser Lion class battleship hull HMS Dreadnought St Vincent class Iron Duke class Revenge class Nelson class HMS Vanguard
  7. here is a small bug they need to fix its the advanced tower 4 i cant rember what hull modern battleship 1
  8. all i want to know its how the crew will work and here is an idea lets say we build a cruiser and fully training crew on that ship the would be really bad at command a battleship also you need to be carefull to not loose a cruiser or battleship with fully trained crew
  9. does that mean 2 week from now or from announcement just to be sure
  10. here is the spec for the planned g3 class battlecruiser foun on wiki Type Battlecruiser Displacement 48,400 long tons (49,200 t) (normal) 53,909 long tons (54,774 t) (deep load) Length 856 ft (260.9 m) Beam 106 ft (32.3 m) Draught 35 ft 8 in (10.9 m) (at deep load) Installed power 20 small-tube boilers 160,000 shp (120,000 kW) Propulsion 4 shafts; 4 geared steam turbin
  11. the current hull for the g3 dont look any thing like the hull on picture so i would love if we could get the ship shown on the picture wth both super structure both rear and front please
  12. so when i build a british battleship and use the vll main tower and want to place a 5 inch turret i cant without turn the guns toward the buildings and when i does that it turn all the turrets yellow also have some pictures to show it on facebook gamelaps
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