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  1. if next update is called alpha 10 its should be about british hulls with some more visual appearance between the different hulls special the battleships and battlecruisers
  2. here is something i would love to have worked on in ua dreadnought we need more different types of hulls not just the bigger versions of same hull there need to be more visuels different between hulls of each types of ships and the same with the super structure the list of same hulls is under the text british empire hulls 1940 modern destroyer leader is a bigger version of standard destroyer destroyer 4 is a bigger version of destroyer 3 heavy cruiser 1 is a bigger version of modern light cruiser n3/g3 is a bigger version of dreadnought 3 fren
  3. i would love if we could get more british battleship/battlecruiser hull design from the 1940 britain only have 1 battlecruiser hull in 1940 era and it a shame since the british empire have some of the best design in the game Renown-class battlecruiser Courageous-class battlecruiser Queen Elizabeth-class battleship Revenge-class battleship Nelson-class battleship King George V-class battleship
  4. ok here is something dreadnought need 4 of each hull types like 4 destroyers 4 destroyers leaders 4 light cruiser 4 heavy cruisers 4 battlecruisers 4 battleships 2 older destroyer and 2 modern destroyer and 2 older destroyer leader 2 modern destroyer leader 2 and older light cruiser 2 modern light cruiser 2 and 2 older battlecruiser 2 modern battlecruiser and 2 older battleships 2 modern battleships for each nation in 1930 to 1940
  5. ok next update should be about heavy cruisers and battlecruisers to all nations from 1900 to 1940 special the british is missing heavy cruisers and battlecruisers
  6. here is something dreadnought need to be removed no limts where the towers can be placed on the hull same with barbette
  7. here is an idea for custom battles in dreadnought and later campaign be able to add reinforcement to enemy fleet and they will have a time for arivval
  8. would be nice if we could damage buildings in age of sails
  9. would be nice if we in age of sails could have a drydock where we could look at ships of all types in a 360 views
  10. let say you build a ship with all types of guns in the game and you will engage a enemy fleet off battleships cruisers heavy/light and destroyers and torpedoboats i would love if we could tell the casement and secondary 2 inch to 5 inch secondary/casement to fire on destroyers/torpedoboats and 6 to 8 inch to fire on cruisers and cargo ships and if the enemy fleet have more battleships we should be able to tell our main guns to fire on multible battleships
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