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  1. Oh sure, the game is perfect. /sarc So says a wargamer for over 30 years.
  2. And there seems to be nothing you can do to force the slow ship to accelerate.
  3. Excessive fires. He was hitting me so often that the ships couldn't put out the fires fast enough. Ranges varied between 13k -> 20k. Flash fire has never been a problem for me. Never had one on a ship I've designed.
  4. You arrogant little turd. 🤬 Length of play doesn't confer wisdom about how the game is programmed. I gave the pertinent information. You assumed, with no evidence whatsoever, that my tactics were at fault. Name me one instance of a 1/2 crippled, obsolete capital ship outfought and sunk 2 modern counterparts. You can't, it's never happened in modern history. White knight the game all you like. You've just made my 1st candidate on my ignore list.
  5. And the basis for your assumption? No legitimate one that I've given you. Don't assume things you have no reason to. It gets people annoyed. Even if that is what I did, a 1/2 crippled grossly inferior ship shot not be able to do what that one did.
  6. And what tactic would that be?
  7. Yes I know, selective memory etc ... no! Don't mention it. Don't want to hear it. My 2 Modern UK BB's, 9x 14", 16x5". AI BB's turned out to be 10x13" each. Also about 15k tons lighter. Slower. Thinner, lower quality armour, etc. So I put down one of them with no problem. The other is 1/2 dead. My hit chance is about 15% @ about 15k. The wreck of the ai ship is about 6%. He's down to about 30@ health, couple of turrets out. All of a sudden, he's hitting me 2-3 times a broadside, and I can't hit him at all. Zigzagging didn't do anything. I'm doing 20 kts, him about 7. By th
  8. Most warships don't have flags on the ensign/jack staff at sea. Those flags shouldn't be there in reality.
  9. When silent hunter 4 was released, you could have ships completely capsized, but still steaming at full speed. The theory behind that? Secret underwater binoculars!
  10. Right now, no it isn't. The AI is absolutely terrible at designing ships. And the preview video that I saw is nothing like the ship designer in the game. In my opinion this is a borderline bait and switch. If the release version of the game doesn't have something approaching that designer, I'll be a very unhappy camper.
  11. It seems to me that as soon as a ship takes even the slightest damage, they won't keep up to the formation speed, no matter what it is set at. I had a division of 4 Battleships, max speed 28.5 knots. Max division speed was 23 knots. As soon as they took ANY damage (including a ricochet), the ship speed headed south of 20 knots. Nothing I could do to make them speed up. Formation keeping has taken a dive with this patch, in my opinion.
  12. Hehe. I think I worded the bulkheads aspect poorly. What I meant was that they are set at 'standard' at a minimum. Never less than that.
  13. Normally I use the best citadel available. Barbettes are the same, though if I'm scratching for weight I might drop it a step, but that's exceedingly rare. Shell type is heavy, count normal. Propellant is Ballistite/white/tnt. NEVER use lyddite or cordite. Bulkheads are a MINIMUM standard. Under no circumstances does that drop. That applies for battleships and battlecruisers of any era. Of course, tech may limit certain things early on. Cruisers have lower citadels and barbettes, but even then, the more the better. I tend not to use the biggest guns, nor the most. I find under m
  14. Read my OP here. That's a serious amount of flash fires. Funny thing - none of the 3 in that post was actually sunk by the flashes.
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