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  1. It seems to me that as soon as a ship takes even the slightest damage, they won't keep up to the formation speed, no matter what it is set at. I had a division of 4 Battleships, max speed 28.5 knots. Max division speed was 23 knots. As soon as they took ANY damage (including a ricochet), the ship speed headed south of 20 knots. Nothing I could do to make them speed up. Formation keeping has taken a dive with this patch, in my opinion.
  2. Hehe. I think I worded the bulkheads aspect poorly. What I meant was that they are set at 'standard' at a minimum. Never less than that.
  3. Normally I use the best citadel available. Barbettes are the same, though if I'm scratching for weight I might drop it a step, but that's exceedingly rare. Shell type is heavy, count normal. Propellant is Ballistite/white/tnt. NEVER use lyddite or cordite. Bulkheads are a MINIMUM standard. Under no circumstances does that drop. That applies for battleships and battlecruisers of any era. Of course, tech may limit certain things early on. Cruisers have lower citadels and barbettes, but even then, the more the better. I tend not to use the biggest guns, nor the most. I find under m
  4. Read my OP here. That's a serious amount of flash fires. Funny thing - none of the 3 in that post was actually sunk by the flashes.
  5. I've not once had a flash fire on MY ships. Might be something to do with the way I design them, idk. The AI on the other hand, gets them most every battle. Though I've never seen a flash fire sink a ship outright. Tbh, I don't think they do enough damage.
  6. And draught. At the moment, the only way of making the ship longer increases the displacement. You can't increase one without the other.
  7. I hope not. Don't want those pesky blighters ruining the duels of the dreadnoughts.
  8. Imo it should tell you it's speed (or maybe only an estimate) before you I.D. the target.
  9. Can't read what's not provided. Remember when game manuals were 100+ pages? They were a good read in their own right. Now you're lucky if you get a 10 page pdf for most games.
  10. I'm thinking that these happen too often. Just did a battle against an AI Chinese fleet. They had 4 battlecruisers with their main armament in a hexagonal layout ala the Nassau class. 3 ships had flash fires: 1 had one, 1 had 3, and the 3rd had 5 turrets cook off. Even accounting for the AI having thin belts (8" iirc), and minimal bulkheads, 5 out of 6 turrets is a bit much I think. I've never had a flash fire on my designs, but the AI seems VERY prone to them.
  11. Yes, use every ton you have. But trying to put 12x 15" on 25k tons and then wondering why your ship is made of paper is a bit of a head scratcher. Having 4-5 different caliber batteries, with a battery of only 1-2 guns is a waste.
  12. No, you don't want to go by his designs. Generally they are terrible. Tries to do too much on a given displacement.
  13. Well, I didn't imply (or mean to) in the OP that the AI is cheating. But the high speed is far too effective at knocking down accuracy.
  14. Found the problem. Instead of display name, I was putting in email. As a point of security, having the display name as half the login is dangerous. That's 1/2 the login detail right there, on public display. This really should be changed.
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