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  1. Stop picking on the brain-damaged lemmings. It's not nice.
  2. This is what I meant by buildable. Yes, it is physically possible to build. But just because it can, doesn't mean you should. The fact that it seems to outfight the type of ship that WAS built means something isn't right about how the game treats it. It seems that number of guns is given a bit too much emphasis.
  3. Oh I realise that ship is buildable in game. But irl? Not so much. What sort of armour did you give it? Is the hit percentage per gun or per broadside?
  4. So I re-did the battle. Of course the AI ship is different. Somewhat more plausible, but not really viable imo. Funny enough I couldn't quite make my ship the exact same - it came out 430 tons overweight. Had to thin the turret tops and reduce the range - I tend to build my ships 'campaign ready', so I don't give the ships shortest range. Stopping the bad habits from forming. Anyway, here is mine And the AI Note with less hit chance, he is hitting me 2-1.
  5. Sorry, no SS. That ship just ate my semi-Bayern for lunch.
  6. So, a custom battle, 1917 Germany vs Russia. I build a ship 35k tons. 8x 14" guns, 14x 6" casemates, 21 knots. It is built to take a hammering, though it only has standard bulkheads. Best towers available. The AI design is 27900 tons. 14x 13", sundry 5" and 4", 32 knots. Armour is slightly thicker than mine, though of lower quality. Many bulkheads. What I want to know, is how the heck does the AI build such a design on such a limited displacement? 7k tons lighter, and a full 11 knots faster? It took him time, but he did get up to that speed. My armour seems to be completely ineffective. I can't even hit him. Literally. My main guns didn't hit him once. Secondaries him him twice, one being a ricochet.
  7. This bug has been there a while. It really needs to be prioritised to get a fix.
  8. AI station keeping is vastly improved. Keep up the good work.
  9. Now if you could post this on the RTW2 forums, that would be great. The dev has a great show of listening to players, unless their ideas are directly opposed to their pre-conceived ideas. Then you are ignored. I tried (and failed miserably) to convince them that RTW2 (and 1) crossing the t accuracy modifier was misplaced.
  10. I've had a battleship with the heaviest barbette armour, 15" belt, and 18" turret face lose a barbette to a 5" shell.
  11. Is there any fix for the ladder firing bug? There is only one target, so switching targets isn't an option. Cheers Bruce
  12. A lot of the issues with the RtW campaign I raised before RtW1 was release. I argued for some sort of squadron control, based on the 'mixed ships' problem. The designer gave repeated assurances even back then that it would never happen. Yet, years later, here we are. 25 knot light cruisers screening/scouting for 28 knot battlecruisers. "It'll never happen" he said.
  13. The AI sure likes to build glass cannon battlecruisers. Just defended a convoy against a 36k ton ship with 21 11" guns (ALL on the centreline) and 37 knots. The problem was, she had armour under 5" maximum, and you could see by the way she was behaving that the ship was EXTREMELY bow heavy. My cruisers with 9x 9" auto loading guns just shredded it. I opened fire at 12k range, and by the time she opened fire at about 7.5k range, the hits were coming in at least 3-4 hits per broadside from both my cruisers. As the range closed, it just got worse from the battlecruisers perspective. It also seemed the ship must have had insufficient funnels, because she never got remotely close to 37 knots.
  14. ...and NOT have them disrupt their charges activities.
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