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  1. so what is it actually you think they decide. - That we don’t get up at Night to fight Dodge timers - That we fight against Sweden - That the Danish nation are fighting who ever hold ports on Puerto Rico(SJ) - That we don’t negotiate with those Holding SJ. So what is it actually they have decided the danes should do? But maybe we should do as tac recommend, go all in on the alliance stuff. Could be a smart move for DK-NG to see where we can make an impact. Maybe go to the Shallow, to tie up Spain so they can’t help Sweden in multi flips.
  2. Don't be to hard on Redii. They way he got SJ. Well think enough said abouth it. He did give the danes a warning shot, hence the op. Most Danish clans did stop all action against Sweden. The few left fighting, was not a problem. First when BSTD with its Numbers joined DK-NG it got a problem. So something had to be done. Take a nations crafting port and maybe two port dk, would make the danes stop. Normally it would. A peace deal maybe, and some ports to be handed back. Well we don't negotiate, so what left. Dodge timers to limit fights against us, so they can focus on there main goal. But won’t change a thing. Less Pb, more screening. This time I doubt the danes will bend. What left for Sweden to do? What left for the danes to lose? So the fight will go on.
  3. Nah actually not. To my knowledge they gave both Spain and pirates there crafting port back, Call it what you want. We fight the nations Holding SJ. Atm Sweden. Guess Russia didn’t think the casuals should suffer for that. my worst fear would actually be Sweden losing SJ. You are just fun to play with. See you out there, and if you want Lars and me quiete. Don’t post stupidity abouth DK on forum. As said, Sweden is a gift thsts keep giving.
  4. Actually under Sweden. It is you that provide nice hostillity missions, right outside CS. Yep looks like Russia think of the health of small pop nations. So DK-NG own them our gratitude. Maybe Sweden could be inspired by Russia. And best way to repay them is ofc screen for them, when ever they fight Sweden, and since we don't hold any port of value, we don’t have to waist time defend Er på pb’s DK-NG allways pays our debt.
  5. I’ll answer it here, and not in a mechanic debate. No stupid comments from swedish captains, so no need for a reply. Simple as that. I stay at CS, why should I move? But don't worry we are stil here. Doing some screening against Sweden. 2 days ago 2 battles against you at Basse Terre. Think we killed 10 and lost 3 maybe 4. Yesterday a Vigues 2 battles killed 9 lost 1. So don’t worry, we will help you to some content. And in regard to silent, look great battles. I showed the gift from liq.
  6. You do need a shipyard if you want to do RvR for more than the fun. And a 35-40 dlc shipyard won’t change that. But I always have liked the crafting bonus tied to the crafter and not the port, but thats another topic. I personally see no issue with being able to craft 40 point ships in a Capitol. Just help ppl stay in the nation, and not move to a new. Just don't think it should be a dlc. But maybe it is time to take safty of, so when a nation hold no ports, all captains is forced to chose a new nation to join.
  7. The danes could just have surrended and stop RvR against Sweden. Then they proberbly most likely would have been allowed to hold the ports, from Amalienborg to Spanish Town. But with 3 rate dlc most still can play the game they want. On top og that DK-NG is now a paradise for PvE. Hostillity missions can be taken protected by privateer fleets. Those that don't have dlc ore alts, just trade a bit and buy the ship they want. Capped ship is fine for PvE and blow up a ship in the PZ. Plenty of trading to be done. So ppl easy enough make money to buy a ship.
  8. Well I only have been told nice things, abouth you guys from @kapteinsnabeltann. When ever we fight Monks guys, we know we are in for a hard fight, win ore lose, allways in good spirit.
  9. It is actually not that bad. Got this beauty from @Liq but had prefered a Danish one. The Swedish only have 2-6 timers on, but guess we get used to it. And as you can see the 2-3, 3-4 is way bigger then 4-5 and 5-6, so we can get an early start and get a lot out of the day.
  10. So even if you get screened out, you lose the ships you needed to put up to set a Pb.But is that a no show? And if I got it right. The Pb fleet get tagged by screeners. The screeners just hit sails to keep them in, leave when they can’t get in to the Pb. Puff ships gone. I got that part right?
  11. But what mechanic will deside if it is a screening fleet. How will the game deside that?
  12. Put in an surgestion so nations don’t use Dodge timers. Maybe clan main time timers and I am all for it. No show as Dodge timers is just bad for the game. I do have a couple of questions. - How do you deside if a fleet was screened out, what mechanic will do that? - Why the need for all server to see: - A nation without a shipyard, how do you think they ever will be able to set the conditions you want, so they can set Pb? - In regard to smal vs Big nations, who do you think benefits the most from your surgestion? As I see you surgestion, it basicly is cost free for the Big nations, where as the small get punished hard. Large nation make a lot of money from the ports they own. Small nations make less. So what that means a large nation can easily afford to trow empty Pb’s to tie up small to get an advantage. If I am right in that large nations benefit the most from this, would the concequence then not be players from small nations eventually will go to a larger nation? How do you see RvR, as basicly 2-4 large nation fighting, the rest without importance, ore a lot of nations have an impact, and thereby make the game more diverse?
  13. Now where Sweden are true and have admittet it is dodging timers. I am fine. Now we maybe can spend time on the issue. Is it ok for a nation to use Dodge timers to, avoid fights. You say you like a good fight with Russia, yeth your Dodge timers hurt them. To my knowledge they don't hide behind them. I would think, in a good spirit of a fair fight, you should fight them on egual terms. No Dodge timers. Thats the question.
  14. Actually it does not answer the guestion. One Pb does not change you hide behind Dodge timers. Thats his question.
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