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  1. Well what might be irrelevant for you might be relevant for others. Unless you would claim only Sweden desided what is relevant in the game, Ports dosen’t really matters for us. But PB’s makes fun fights. I could see a lot of casuals in Both Spain, France and DK, that could see the fun in fighting each other in casual PB, now where they all basicly have been pounded to submussion by the Mighty ones.
  2. Why do you think ppl rather will side against you than the Zerg. Random nation. By that you think of GB. And how abouth the NATO alliance. No multiflip?
  3. Well nobody can attack DK-NG without Sweden accept. Frontline system. We can’t attack France without Prussia accept , frontline system. We can’t attack Poland, they have no port. We can’t attack Pirates, frontline system. We can’t fight US, wrong tinezone. We don’t need promision, but we simply can’t take hostillity missions. No the two zergs are both affraid, thats why the take the easy fights, but also why they want a Big alliance to cover there ass. But ppl should not be affraid. Why you ask? the hold no power, than what ppl let them. Just look at Bocar and the “Rogue” GB clans. We the free sailors have all the fun we want and when we want. They can’t really do nothing abouth it.
  4. Mania is allways a good thing. So thx, nices word since tac called us uniq.
  5. In Bocar who our enemy is clear. Any other nation on Puerto Rico, without promision from the major clans in DK-NG, is the enemy of the two kingdoms. it also included Alliances that supported our enemy. Recent events have made us evaluate on this strategy. Main enemy is still clear to Bocar, as it should be for all Danish Norweigan captains. But from now on, who we support in Alliances conflicts, will no longer be desided by whom they support. Change have been made based on the two major forced, lack of courrage to fight an worth opponent. Neither Russia ore Sweden deserve any respect in this conflict. There alliance partners, on both sides in this conflict, do how ever deserve respect. This will be given to them. We most likely will stay out of minor conflicts ore support the underdogs, fighting against the zergs.
  6. Frontline system does give some problems for minor nations to fight a minor nation. Look at the map. Lets say DK/NG would like to fight either France, Spain. All 3 nation is basicly out of RvR. They could proberbly all 3 benefit from some casual non important pb’s to build there players up. Can you show me a port where it is possible? Sometime to get a favor back, you first have to earn it. So by helping other nations, maybe in time the favor will be returned. Again plz tell me witch nations can’t get there 1 vs 1. You guestion is more complex than a first glance might indicate.
  7. Long time since the game has been as fun as now.
  8. And yeth for some reason you keep giving him your attention. Go figure.
  9. Have we cryed over it? More the Havoc way to cry. You know you have your own standard. And tribunal those that do the same. We both know we have alts so we can craft 55 points ships. We don't use them because you would just tribunal us. And we like to show ppl the Bocar way. Truth is we really don't care for SJ in regard to Crafting? we just needed a goal to be morivated. Hence SJ. In regard to Havoc, lets be honnest. You can’t be proud abouth SJ, and yeth you act like it is ok, and then tribunal every on on the server. Havoc is just a gift that keep giving.
  10. Problem is most pirates isen’t actually pirates. We all know how they manipulated the RoE,because they could join on both sides.
  11. No need to cry over a port. Spain should just like the 2 “Rogue” GB clans, do a Bocar. Join the Ranks of free captains. No power can break the spirit of truely free captains.
  12. It is a war game. Just nice to actually see teo nation play it that way. Bend to there will ore be destroyed.
  13. So without you Sweden can’t field a Pb fleet?😢
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