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  1. Well if the news are true. The dutch have made a masterpice of a peace deal. I do tip my hat for your result
  2. Think you can Call it P2W. But doubt it will change anything. You can easy craft as good 3 rate ship in normal wood with port bonus, as you can redeem a seasoned Redoutable with random bonus. For me the real value is the doubloons i don't have to grind.
  3. No not that fitness crap. You just ruin a good meal.Think it should be hot dog vs Kotbullar.(Iwish I could find the small dots to put over the o on my phone)
  4. It is Kotbullar. it is just like Sweden. You just have to like it.
  5. I didnā€™t say you did. I said you could ease there fear. 2 different thing.
  6. They you don't get the post. Well was to be exoected. You was about the Danish leaders not to be affraid abouth being one ported, because we fought Sweden at Passaje. Abouth Ball, really don't need when we only sail dlc ships. And our respect is actually higher than of Havoc.
  7. Well actually Bocar is not allowed to fight the swedish captains. Danish High connand have forbidden it. We are ordred to hand over the port without a fight.
  8. Oh dear Lord, Bocar simply canā€™t do anything right in the nation. Having a fight at Passaje and winning, was actually wrong, according to the leaders of the nation. Well @rediii think you need tell them, that you like we train thet step ups in the swedish war maschine. If not, I simply fear they will have a mental break down.
  9. How do you so fare think the Redoutable have had an impact on the game? What consitorstions do you have in regard to a dlc Vic?Pros and cons.
  10. The Swedish captains Yesterday lived up to a captain is an officer and gentleman. In the best manner, they fought a brave fight to the end. And unlike the brittish captain mentioned, they had no issue supplying the Danish fleet with supply to repair. All hail squadron HRE, a swedish squadron with courage and honnor.
  11. Here is the one from Yesterday. We love you HRE. Brings bag memory of times where HRE was the nation Leader of Sweden, and under the leadership of @sveno. At time where we fought along side with Sweden and trusted them. Now sadly HRE is sadly just a Big PvE clan. We Think we had the best DK-NG at the moment can put in a Pb. We almost got crushed by a PvE clan, so a long way before we have anything to offer the server in regard of RvR. But the life as a free captain is a happy one, so we will sail the Caribbean as free and strong men, that stil wont bend a knee to a dictator.
  12. So far for the DK-NG side at Passaje. Bocar Lars K, Gorgon, Sir Sigurd Staunberg, Svennik,BMW, McKnight?,0 time left? Vie Erik Eriksen Danve Tm PvE clans None So still a couple of unknows and open slots. A couple of Danve bois might come.
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