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  1. Thx for the swedish help. Rat vs Trinc and Agga. Managed to kill the Agga and almost the Trinc. Again Sweden thx for helping us to improve in PvP. You make it hard for danes not to love you.
  2. Ofc it should have a port it is the risk they take. At least as long they exits as nation. I hear you Call out for real war game mechanic. Total destruktion of nations, untill only one are left?
  3. Try tjek the clan leaderboard again. Pretty sure I Saw 9 clans on it yesterday. Then there is those clans who only do PvE, and dob’t get a kill. They dont show up. But you are right the Danish nation is small.
  4. I really hope Sweden in this fight has to fight on it’s own. Only when they fear losing a crafting port, do they care. They gave shit abouth the cost to danes, so to get s sympathi alliance. My god I misse @sveno
  5. What help is it that Sweden offer the Danish nation. The attack on Spanish Town, when you thought the Danish nation was inactive. Financing Havoc’s move to Sweden and accepting they took the only Danish crafting port, and the only one with more than 40 points. Sailing in Big gank groups, when you know the danes rarely is enough on to counter it. How is it actually you so fare have helped the Danish nation. What is it that you actually will do to help DK? Dk will survive, as long as we can sail oure flag. We might not be strong, but don’t think Sweden can offer anything to the Danish nation. Unless ofc you are going to give us SJ back. But one thing you got right. DNP is another clan. Those old bastard have left the game, ore are in another clans. So ppl should really stop thinking abouth DNP as it was in the past. Do Think the new rulers in dk at best want to stay neutral, do actually think some of them want to fight along Sweden. I won’t go against the nation in RvR, but there is no way I help Sweden.
  6. What ports did Russia get from Dk? The short version here is. Havoc used a mechanic to avoid a Pb. Reds used one to get a Pb. So who is it that like Pb. Red ore Havoc. Look like Havoc is fine stealing an important port from a nation. Use the game mechanic for it. But if others do it to an important port to Havoc, it is wrong. You only like fight over unimportant ports? And remember both times you strike Russia first.
  7. I didn’t twist your words. I told how I understod them i god the massage that @rediii should not act like a 6 year Girl, but like a nation leader, and thereby impley he acted like a 6 years old Girl.
  8. But dosen’t that count for both side of an argument, but to me it seams only one side get the ban hammer.
  9. Well my experience is most that I know have been banned, just have replyed in the same tone, as they have been spoken to. To me is seams if you are on the right side, you more ore less can say what you want. Calling somebody a 6 year old Girl and a cry baby is ok for some ppl, but others for sure would get a ban for doing it. I do think there is a double standard in what somebody can do and others can’t.
  10. Danes are not dead. Still a small group playing. I don’t agree on what they have desided to do as a nation, but I respect it. They do theres and I just don’t play with them. Minding my own buisness. Yes Havoc leaving made some ppl hot, on both sides. But it is was it was. No doubt most danes left in the nation think abouth whats next to come. I surgested we helped the Russian to flip SJ the first time. But they where scared of what Sweden would do, same as some in the nation have convinsed the rest that Russia is the enemy of dk and not Sweden. Ppl should not worry so much abouth dk. This is a war game, and it seams we now might actually getting a little god war going. Thats just good for the game.
  11. But when doing that, should should we not also fix the free hand over of ports. What nation would say, oh we have a squadron sailing under a new flag, Well lets us not defend any port that nation wants.
  12. We all have double standards. You defend Havoc’s actions, but attack Russia for the same. Using the game mechanic to get a Pb. Neither is an exploite.both have been accepted by devs as legal.
  13. Unfortanaly it has been done before and tribunaled before to. To my knowledge never have it been said to be wrong. So like it ore not, it is legal use of mechanic in the game.
  14. Think french has few thats speak english. Rest should not be a problem.
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