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  1. I would like to know if this system of blind combat because every time the servers restart, it is understood on a daily basis, which means that you do not know what you will find when connecting to play has been tested and texted this mechanism of attack on ports by the AI, where are the players the defenders before being implemented in the game servers? and I would also like to know what percentage of victories the players achieved in the text of these mechanics against the AI, using the recommended tactic of going to sink the traders and ignore the other enemy ships? If someone could cl
  2. I'm just going to say it's outrageous ... I would like someone to explain, comment or publish the rules of the port battles, both of the port battles when we are attackers, and the rules of the port battles when we are defenders. I would like to know why the wind or wind factor differs from the port attacks whether you are an attacker or defender, I would like to know why when we attack the AI it can take the control points and when we defend we cannot take control points, when we attack we have to be subject to a battle rating to participate and when defending ourselves, they only a
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