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  1. Someday we will be able to save our designs and customize our enemy ships... it’s all I ever wanted. I would have thought it would be here two years later.
  2. Amen. This is literally all I’ve ever wanted out of this game...
  3. This is headed in the right direction. Glad to see this! I would just request that maybe we get weekly or bi-weekly dev updates to keep us in the loop a little more frequently? Thank you
  4. I want to rip on his take. What is the comeback to that? He might be right... 😂
  5. I got ripped in my thread about that game for those points. My thoughts are the devs read this forum and implemented our complaints with dreadnaughts in their game 😉
  6. Disagree. It’s control scheme and UI is similar. It’s going to get compared by most war gamers. Plus it actually has a mini map :-). It’s just good to finally see another naval warfare RTS.
  7. War on the Sea launched today on Steam. Obviously, it doesn't have a ship designer but it has a US vs Japan campaign and things UA doesn't have like counter-flooding damage control options. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up in combat gameplay.
  8. Yep, another week is over with and no update or news on when.
  9. Armor angling becomes more important at closer ranges where firing arcs are flatter.
  10. Yeah, I get it but I think the campaign was the wrong choice first. It should have been deliver a full working sandbox, campaign second.
  11. IKR... It's not good we haven't heard from them in weeks. I get it they want to ready for the Steam release now that the summer sale is over, but its kind of concerning they have chosen to clam up.
  12. If the devs don't fix some of these glaring issues before Steam release they will be in for a very rude reception, and this game deserves better.
  13. Everything Accipiter said seems to be spot on. We really need to have more armor options modeled on the ship. We need upper belt thickness determined, we need bow and aft armor modeled correctly and configurable. Some type of armor viewer like wows does to at least show HOW your citadel is protected given the armor scheme you picked would be nice. Because right now it leaves way too much a mystery. The game is allowing too much cheese to happen to exploit the mechanics (max compartments, and bow tanking).
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