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  1. Type 93’s were extremely deadly in most circumstances. North Carolina was hit with a single long lance and had a massive hole blown out only feet from the forward ammo hold. She was essentially mission disabled for several months of repairs. a single long lance caused the obliteration of numerous cruisers and smaller vessels. now, the smaller air dropped or submarine launched torpedoes were known to be much less lethal especially to capital ships.
  2. I haven’t played the campaign yet, but we can’t name our individual ships?? That seems odd. That’s definitely something I would want.
  3. Nick, thanks for the update. However, as discussed many times toxicity in the community builds more from the lack of any communication on game status. If you just checked in once a week with how the team is progressing or just, “how is everyone today?” It would smooth things over.
  4. This would be solved if we could just consider ships beaten beyond a certain point “mission killed” and have the option of completing or keep fighting.
  5. Ship weights are still far heavier than real life not realistic based upon actual parameters. It's almost impossible to build a replica Scharnhorst at 35-38K tons full combat load. I can't build a replica Bismarck either and stay within 45-51K tons. I'm still enjoying all the added things still. I would like to design and save enemy ships for custom battles at some point like others have said.
  6. In the meantime I will play more of Sprocket on Steam. I love being able to truly design all aspects of you tank, and then bring it to the battlefield. Its what UAD's ship designer should have been.
  7. Someday we will be able to save our designs and customize our enemy ships... it’s all I ever wanted. I would have thought it would be here two years later.
  8. Amen. This is literally all I’ve ever wanted out of this game...
  9. This is headed in the right direction. Glad to see this! I would just request that maybe we get weekly or bi-weekly dev updates to keep us in the loop a little more frequently? Thank you
  10. I want to rip on his take. What is the comeback to that? He might be right... 😂
  11. I got ripped in my thread about that game for those points. My thoughts are the devs read this forum and implemented our complaints with dreadnaughts in their game 😉
  12. Disagree. It’s control scheme and UI is similar. It’s going to get compared by most war gamers. Plus it actually has a mini map :-). It’s just good to finally see another naval warfare RTS.
  13. War on the Sea launched today on Steam. Obviously, it doesn't have a ship designer but it has a US vs Japan campaign and things UA doesn't have like counter-flooding damage control options. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up in combat gameplay.
  14. Yep, another week is over with and no update or news on when.
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