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  1. Guess I won't play as most people from pretty much every college can't change stuff like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ even tho literally every other game works
  2. Yup still have my original issue of not being able to connect to the server when on my university internet. A VPN works just fine to allow me to connect but I rather not rely on that forever.
  3. That isn't answering my question though. I had this issue for 3/4 days regardless of Steam.
  4. Yes, I can connect just fine to the War server if I use a VPN. However I would like to not have to use a VPN to play every time. I'm using University internet so that limits my options in restarting routers and such.
  5. Except it has been happening for 3 days straight no matter how much I try
  6. Problem is still there but to fully clarify this only happens when I try to connect to War (Caribbean) servers. I can connect to PvE just fine. Yes I've restarted numerous times both Steam and my computer.
  7. Keep getting Login Queue Request Failed. Tried restarting, reinstalling, checking firewall/antivirus. What do to fix lol
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