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  1. Turrets and the like should have a few styles of each to chose maybe just a few but at least some variety. And maybe as a 50/50 on the hull thing allow a hull designer on its own you can chose to use or something.
  2. I don't like that I keep getting issues with placing guns it says it collides with border on a lot of places where the model fits but the gun barrel stick out over the side. This is rediculous. Players should be allowed to place items on the ship with much more freedom. Unless models collide I don't see the point of making it so stuff doesn't fit
  3. I second this. This game is not going to appeal to casual players to begin with so you might as well go all out for those of us that are interested
  4. I think you should be able to design those ships as well and be able to allocate ships to escort them as they automatically make their supply runs around the map. Say you the enemy intercepts with convoy raiders. You then play a battle where your goal is to get as many cargo/logistical ships across a boundary line on the otherside of the battle map as possible to prevent loss of tonnage supply. This would give convoy raiders cruisers and later submarines a purpose of the player to design as well as a need for the player to figure out how cargo ships should be constructed liberty ships came armed albeit not well but nonetheless the player could say add turrets or go for an unarmed fast ships or massive ones. Out of curiosity how will the campaign work will it be like a hoi/ mount and blade style world map where entities all work in real time and when two of opposition meet there is then a fight on the battle map?
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