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    Fun > Winning

    Also normally for humans, fun is similar to winning. It is well known that more people enjoy something when they seem good at it, if they are rewarded, than if they are slapped in the face repeatedly. Sure some people like the challenge, but majority likes some form of reward or some form of winning. Along with this, im gonna guess that rather than sitting staring at one set of cross swords, they would have much more fun in the battle pew pewing at other ships. So it is fair to moan about the exploit, maybe not in the way they did but it is expected that they will complain. They would rather be in the 3 battles than be in one and be helpless, they feel cheated out of potential content, which they lowkey were.
  2. Just reading this and remembered in another topic that you said there is only 1 programmer working on the game. Not taking shots but who is it? Will they interact with us aswell? Just so we know who we should direct our queries to when we have them. Is Ink the only one working on the game, is it another person?
  3. Trinc doesn't need much of a nerf its not bad as it is. People just sail it because it has alot of 32pd carro's that hurt and doesn't cost a permit. If you know how to fight a trinc they lose, its as simple as that. Endymion could do with a slap though because its just better than many 5th rates at everything. You can easily get it to 15.5 knots and it has 24pd longs which shred most other 5th rates. Also the HP is a bit ridiculous. According to whoever he is called map, after the endy and trinc the next highest HP on a fifth rate is what, the Santa Cecilia with 7,900? Compared to the Endymions 9,965. Along with that the cannons the Endymion can carry is 28 24pd long and 20 9pd longs, compared to the Cecilias 26 12pd longs and 16 9pd longs. The HP difference and damage per broadised doesn't make up the 80 BR difference if anyone wants to even try and bring up BR. If the Endymion is to carry much stronger cannons than its other competitors, it shouldnt be able to go anywhere near as fast, but it can. So I would say either take SOME of its HP away and either lower the caliber of the guns, or, the one I prefer would be to nerf its manoueverability. Make it still hit hard and still be one of the tankiest fifth rates, but nerf its speed and turn rate so that it can't keep up with the smaller ones. It should be more of a ship that is ideal for taking in a sort of fleet to hunt other larger ships such as picking on Aga's and Conni's etc. but make it so that when it comes to the smaller fifth rates they can just run from it if they desire. If people complain at that then take a smaller ship, you have a range of fifth rates to choose from for a reason. It shouldn't be the way it is where currently one ship fills all roles once you get it which it currently is with the port bonuses and mods.
  4. Would of thought that they would use the same login method for both servers to be honest. Weird that only one server is having issues with Steam.
  5. Maybe potentially have even lower BR. If a small nation *cough Poland* attacks a larger one, we could have like 9 Santis/Oceans +1 maybe wasa idk, not bothering with maths right now, but the defender can throw 25 wasas back at the smaller side. So maybe a few ports dipping under 10k wouldnt be bad. I know we are a one of a kind nation but the occasional poking of a bear would still be entertaining. Other than that me likey
  6. As a member of the smallest nation in the game currently, (Poland) and pre wipe one of the smallest, Prussia, (I was in it before the carebears flocked to us when we had two ports, I know we grew dont blame me) give me data on people who were online each day over the summer of 2018 and I can guarantee you I can show that smaller port BR will mean more players. GUARANTEE, purely because I remember the time when Prussia had to fight 4 PBs in one day, never before had I had to do so much PVP and seen so many players in one area before. Then AHOY/ALOHA was active, now we all just sit around throwing stones and getting banned from the forums 2/3 times a month because there is 0 motivation for us to play the game, so we come here instead. If you can give me that I can show you, then maybe you can bother to change something that will keep us ingame rather than on the forums. Less hassle for you if you patch it when you think about it. Babe 😘 @admin We have nowhere near the resources about the game that you do, so why not share some and let us help you... or not and we can keep moaning in your ear and you can keep getting annoyed about it. No, I'm not bragging about Prussia, just the only example I can vividly remember.
  7. So the solution on the PVP server, is to cause a way for ports to be taken by and from NPCs, literally removing the point in doing RVR. Why risk sinking to players when you can sit and wait for AI to take the port then take it from them. Step 1 of turning PVP server into PVE is well underway. Question is will the players leave before it happens
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