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  1. Can confirm, if you want to win, you must be as fast as, or preferably a lot faster than your enemy. Just saying, but shouldn't engine repairs/funnel repairs have limits? I seriously doubt that battleship with half its mass in HE/AP shells within its boilers can repair itself.
  2. Torpedoes still cannot harm late-tier battleships. I'm all for torpedo defenses being a thing, they were historically after all. But there's no torpedo defense system, excluding duct taping destroyers to the side of your ship, which can stop 20 torpedoes from doing at least immense damage to a ship. I pumped god knows how many 24 inch max tier torpedoes into the 105 kiloton battleship and it barely scratched her. Torpedo defense should NOT, I repeat, NOT scale with belt armor. Belts were not deep enough to impact torpedoes (excluding the few shallow running torps which people tried avoiding), and the sheer concussive force would certainly crack and obliterate the belt anyway. Another problem is that technically torpedoes don't hit anything but the lowest areas of the ship, meaning that as long as you have antiflooding, you can survive infinite torpedoes, in theory. I noticed that once enough torpedoes had hit me, more hitting me didn't do anything, and I could pump water out faster than they could put into me.
  3. Nothing like a single 5 inch shell in WOWS deleting 25% of a Yamato's health, because apparently 70 thousand tons of ship lacks fire fighting equipment apart from a single use burst every half a decade.
  4. Funnily enough Yamato's accuracy against targets is possibly better than Iowa. Yamato scored said hit somewhere with her third salvo (anywhere from 5-10% accuracy), then at closer range she scored 3 more hits on Johnson at 20000 yards, with unknown amounts of salvos fired. Her total accuracy being four hits out of a total of 100 AP shells fired, 4% accuracy. Not bad for a ship firing at a tiny Destroyer and a relatively small CVE, in a frantic scenario, in sub-optimal conditions. For perspective, at 30000 yards, in perfect conditions for training, Iowa scored 'only' a 3% chance to hit at 30000 yards against an Iowa sized target (A target longer than Yamato herself), and 10% at 20000 yards against the same target. As a book for reading, I'd suggest "The World Wonder'd: What Really Happened Off Samar"
  5. A hit to the machinery can also result in a boiler explosion, which is probably also not good.
  6. Literally argument from authority and argumentum ad populum. Kek.
  7. She had severe keel cracks and countless other problems to the point that she was never a viable warship again. Its a hit.
  8. >Snaps a carrier nearly in two >A miss I guess all those guys in Hiroshima were lucky the nuke 'missed' them.
  9. I provided my proof. Its not my fault that no one has yet really looked into it themselves, Rlungdren did much effort to find the information, and then I had to find him.
  10. That's just being snide and not comprehending what I am talking about.
  11. As an addition, White Plains had an 18.1 inch inward indentation on the outer area of her bilge, she received no other hits other than Yamato's hit, ergo this indentation must have been from the same shell. But... What would cause a inward dent at the turn of the bilge at frame 141, if shell detonated beneath her keel amidships below the hull? The keel being pressed up would sheer the outer shell outward not inward. If the shell detonates below her keel amidships a fragment travelling through the water would have to pass the side of the ship and reverse its direction to strike the hull with enough force to push in the plate which is impossible. The simplest explanation is the shell clipped the hull leaving a slight indentation at the curve in the bilge, passed below the hull and detonated. The gas bubble pushed in the keel cracking seams which caused some flooding and a lot of shock damage. What else could cause the 18-inch diameter dent at the turn of the bilge? It is listed as part of the gunfire damage.
  12. The difference in size between a 16 inch and 18 inch hit isn't too crazy, even a 14 inch splash. The Navy knew that Japan at most had 16 inch guns, and thus assumed Yamato and Musashi was firing 16 inch shells. They did not even consider 18 inch guns. That's a logical fallacy however. Just because no one talks about it, doesn't mean it never happened. Does a falling tree make any sound when no one is around to hear it? There's a bit more than that. Shock threw out both generators resulting in complete loss of power. Ship twisted and lifted, crushing and tearing expansion joints at frame 101 and 146 port and starboard. Bottom shell plating in C-902V between frames 136-152 and port shaft alley and turn in bilge dished up 6 inches. Frames and web framing torn loose and buckled, numerous welds torn loose from overhead and bottom plating. Buckling from bottom plating slightly forward of after engine room and boiler room. Fragment 8” diameter causing deep dent at frame 141. Turn in bilge prevented fragment from penetrating shell plating. (Photo of the actual dent in dry dock shows it to be 18" in diameter) Oil leaks in storage rooms C-401A Bottom shell plating buckled in C903 between frames 148-149 and starboard shaft alley also buckled in. Salt water leak in gasoline void A-406 flooding to 36” deep. Both gasoline educators frozen and warped After elevator out of alignment Hanger deck shell plating cracked from deck level to one foot forward of expansion joint 146. 48 hours after battle more cracks develop indicating hull stresses with the extent of damage which can not be determined yet. Additionally the Type 91 in an alternative role can be used as an under-the-keel weapon (No other shell has the delay or underwater performance), ergo it counts as a hit as the weapon is designed for underwater attack. And what even defines a 'hit'? Physical contact? In that case nuclear weapons, torpedoes, mines, grenades, and more can never 'hit' someone. Which in laymans terms is 'retarded'. Fact is Yamato almost broke an escort carrier in half with a hit under the keel at 34000 yards. Impressive. Also a logical fallacy, argument from authority. What the Guiness Record says has no basis in reality. They could proclaim anything. Additionally there's stuff like Kongo and some US battleships with alleged monstrously long range hits...Just not as long ranged as Yamato's glorious strike on White Plains.
  13. War Thunder shouldn't stayed WW2, but I suppose even then, Sekrit Dokumentz ruined WW2. Nothing like watching a non-turret-basket T-34 firing faster than Panzer 4's and Tigers!
  14. Spot on! That is how gaming should be...But sadly what gaming is heading away from. Games which used to be great campaigns like CoD, are now just multiplayer shootfests, sometimes lacking a campaign entirely. Yeah, it has one...Which sucks up stupid amounts of the developer's time and should have been cut from the game entirely. Nothing says 'fun' like a laggy mess of bricks where there's no damned limits (or, metas like flying shoeboxes with shields). Curiously the Ka-50 wasn't all as people expected. Its hilariously overpowered compared to other helicopters...But also is so easily shot down by the ADATS. ADATS basically has saved War Thunder high tier by being overpowered in and of itself. Tell me about it! The damned game has so much potential, but is critically ruined by its awful fanbase and developer. I cannot comprehend how a NAVAL game's meta is flying UFO's which can be immune to all gunfire.
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