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  1. "Huh you think there's an issue with society? Sure is funny that you live in it!" Not an argument i'm afraid. The alternative to not buying the game is to either wait (and for all I know I could be dead before I experience said game's release), or make my own game, which isn't viable for obvious reasons. If the only car on the market was prone to randomly exploding, maybe the car's development should have been longer. You 'need' a car for most daily stuff. Much like if you want to experience a 3d ship building WW2 game with other niche features, you NEED this game, there are no alternati
  2. Things should ideally not be sold while being a work in progress. Or if they are, they should have a major benefit to doing so. Massive discounts, etc. Remember that 'early access' means they're employing you as bug-testers, while paying you nothing!
  3. One issue, ships don't HAVE 'sides' in this game. As far as the damage model is concerned a hit to the right is a hit to the left.
  4. Gas turbines in general are a strange choice of engine for the game, unless we assume the game goes well into...What the 60's? Maybe further? Gas turbines are, for anyone unaware, what we call. JET ENGINES. REALLY, REALLY GIANT JET ENGINES.
  5. Fine print is fine print, nobody has ever treated it seriously and nobody ever should. Did you know that in some countries like Australia, if a product is not 'of acceptable quality' you are guaranteed a refund, replacement or repair? Rather literally 'muh early access' can get you thrown in prison for customer FRAUD in some places. For good reason.
  6. I got a three wheeled car with 50 horsepower and a leaking radiator to sell you, low low price of 60 thousand USD. Don't worry I promise to fix it later, its just an 'early access car'. New business model which is totally not intrusive on the customer!
  7. Don't do this argument please. "Its an 'early access car (tm)'! It's only supposed to have three wheels and bad gas milage!
  8. And if the target is faster than you are? Or of equal speed and keeping distance? Or if I simply have low technology and it'll take 10 minutes to get close? Edit: I've beaten this game at least four times, from the day the game launched. I'm not new to it or anything.
  9. The battles in this game can get...Tiring even at 5x speed. We're talking about 1% hit chances so statistically some battles can't even actually be won as the amount of damage won't sink a ship.
  10. Dreadnought vs Modern Cruisers seems almost unbeatable to me.
  11. The phrase 'the customer is always right' exists for a reason, customers are by definition entitled to what they want, the whole point of the free market is people will buy what they want, when they want, and people will exist to sate this need. I am not liking this anti-customer mindset you are beginning to show, you are a customer and not a paid shill, right? Trust me, you don't need to defend game-labs, they can defend themselves.
  12. I mean I'm not even angry at it, but I have to admit I can understand why some would have issues with the idea. I myself think it's a little scummy although I'll go along with it. A lil empathy and all.
  13. Yeah it's not so much that the torpedoes are being aimed better/worse, the issue is AI ships react with near godlike perception. Rule The Waves has the same issue where AI automation seems limited for player ships even set to AI-only, whereas enemy AI are given some 'totally not cheats' to even the odds.
  14. It's 50 dollars because we got it way earlier than the steam release, I got this game in what feels like 2019 (probably early 2020?). Now is 1 year of earlier than usual access worth 20 extra dollars tacked on? Dunno, maybe? Its up to personal opinion. Is the game worth 30-50 dollars? It's a niche product and that immediately boosts the price due to the wonderous thing known as supply and demand. Capitalism be like that for good or evil. I don't regret my purchase as I've had quite a bit of fun with the game, beating it like...Twice. And at least they're still developing it.
  15. Oh this one is just plain disgusting. Jesus christ.
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