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  1. I think the secondaries issue is pretty bad still. Why on earth do 'modern' dreadnoughts regularly have 7-8 inch weapons in weird numbers and places, coupled with 3 inch weapons sprinkled EVERYWHERE?
  2. A big issue ingame is that single, dual, and triple turrets are all basically the same size, when this is absolute bollocks. Ingame a 20 inch dual dwarfs a 18 inch triple, when historically you could roughly add 2 inches to a gun size, take away a single gun, and keep the turret the same size. Another issue is that despite having colossal sized super battleship hulls there are no options for 6 inch 'round' turrets ala the 5 inch dual purpose guns. Which is weird as this game has 50mm AA triple mount guns the size of triple 25mm guns.
  3. This one is strange because Yamato's turrets were some of the most advanced BB turrets ever made, by ingame standards they reach "Mark 5" quality, provided they had 50 caliber barrels installed. No battleship turret except perhaps Vanguard had as much automation as them.
  4. That's not an argument, the next second the government could make a law making your exact post illegal and lock you up/execute you for treason. Rules are important but so is liberty. How is armor weight calculated? Logically it would be the height of the belt times the length times the thickness, using the material density of iron/steel (they weigh the same in real life).
  5. Oh man aren't you just right?...I know that feel all too much, countless bans from...Well almost everything kinda proves it lol. Amusingly this forum is a lot more tolerant (actual tolerance, not 'accept the gays or die' tolerance) it may seem. But I fear you won't be getting much reaction other than random Dreadnoughts players being annoyed which...Doesn't really get anywhere. Hence I suggest making a thread not just for yourself, but for everyone to express their grievances. Hell I'll post there, I got plenty to complain about.
  6. At least try to make a dedicated thread for everyone to complain in, that's a better idea than doing off-topic stuff in a patch feedback thread. ;v As for said patch, I...Am still really confused by how 4 battlecruisers with...Like 18 8 inch guns per side each, can miss a DD at 10km for a rather long time. And for that matter, how 20 thousand ton cruisers are basically immune to 8 inch gunfire, which...Makes ZERO bloody sense.
  7. Nitpick but making a whole post which has nothing to do with the game is in itself, spamming, report his post and move on, or add something else to the post relevant to the game. ;v Is anyone having any issues with the Russian Fleet mission? Because somehow its way the hello kitty harder than the others. At least for me.
  8. I hate multi-posting, bad etiquette and such but jesus christ I keep realizing things within minutes of each other. Just had a battle against a Japanese battleship, it has 6 percent structure left. Despite this it has had zero additional flooding since the starting flooding hits, and this is with superheavy 17 inch guns firing at a range of...3 kilometers. So this thing is either filled with cork or the Japanese have more flextape than the flextape guy himself. Another thing to note, I swapped to HE and despite countless 17 inch HE shells impacting all on top of, behind ,and to the side
  9. Additionally (again) I just have to say some things about 2-3 inch guns (mostly 2 inch). I understand these are in the game because in earlier years they have 'some' use against TB's and such, but do the AI 'really' need about 40 2 inch guns on their newest Yamato class battleship? Maybe from a roleplay standpoint you can LARP them as AA guns but they are utterly useless, in fact utterly useless is an understatement for they reduce the ship's fighting ability! At some point the AI should stop using such tiny guns. This is not helped by the fact that late-war superstructures like the '
  10. Also I just noticed ROF's are completely out of whack. My 13 inch Mark 5 triple guns are firing at 1.31 RPM without any sort of ROF booster. That's okay. But my 6 inch triples are firing at 'only' 3.4 RPM, when realistically they should be doing at least 6 by this period of time, ideally more like 8, with boosters exceeding 12rpm (weapons like the 6 inch autos could reach 20rpm).
  11. It'd be nice if us, as players, knew just how long something would take to be repaired, or repaired at all. How come I've had ships go to 30% flotation with all engines destroyed, repair in 10 minutes, and othertimes a single penetration PERMANENTLY floods half my ship, destroying the engines too. How come sometimes I disable someone's rudder but they turn just fine a minute later, and othertimes they're left crippled forever? Information like this is information we NEED as players of this game. Imagine playing DOOM and sometimes an Imp takes a BFG shot, and there's just zero way of
  12. I love when my DD's are spotted out to like 20km while enemy ones can close within 10km! ;D
  13. One thing that bothers me is you still get those moments where a destroyer 6 kilometers away from you can get shot at by 6 inch triples for like 5+ real life minutes without it being locked in as a target. I'm pretty sure even WW1 ships could manage that, and yet my 'radar 2, fire control system maxxed' pocket battleship cannot manage it...
  14. Oh man, ship interiors... You had to remind me how Silent Hunter 4 had primitive although decent enough looking 'internals' for their ships, so when you torpedoed them they had gaping holes showing internal mechanisms and bulkheads... Then Uboat, a game from 2020 comes out and it lacks internals/holes at all...Sigh...
  15. A burning mess is not a structural mess. Ingame several ships only reach 0% when EVERY compartment is gone.
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