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  1. And?...Yamato mitigated so much damage that she withstood 10-20 times more explosive mass than some other battleships, and at least 5+ times more explosive mass than her peers. That only happens when the TDS WORKS. And considering she was up against torpedoes which were out of her TDS's context, that's pretty damned impressive. Yamato's TDS was flawed, but strong. Anything else is utter lies.
  2. She literally took some of the most powerful torpedoes of their day, more powerful than she was designed to deal with, without suffering fatal damage until she was pounded with more than any other ship. Even proportionally the torpedo defense system outclassed anything else. The 'weakness' only worked when hit near it, with torpedoes way more powerful than she was designed to deal with in the first place.
  3. I didn't say 'sink'.*REMOVED* That's because the game allows damage for non-penetrating hits, when that makes little sense. Its also a balance mechanic to make smaller guns totally not-useless. Any naval gun can penetrate/explode the <40mm of AON battleship plating. It merely takes additional shots to utterly wreck it. Something like a 6 inch gun slinger could easily make enough flooding and damage to saturate the bow/stern of a ship. It takes a hello kittying long time ingame to do it, so it seems in order. >What is Bismark Take out the main directors and you've practically won already, take out the secondaries too, and its all but guaranteed.
  4. A ship with a holed and exploded bow is significantly slower and unable to manuver. A ship with a holed and exploded stern cannot move or steer at all. A ship with exploded superstructure, rangefinders, etc, cannot aim. You've effectively destroyed the ship. Stop being such a contrarian who just opposes random posts because you think you're a smart Alec.
  5. Because 'aim manually and click the fire trigger' is the same as WW1-2 fire control directors that, once exploded (and usually in unarmored areas) significantly decrease accuracy?
  6. Small guns could (and should) annihilate the bow and stern of AON ships (predictably they have 'nothing' there), and the superstructure. Doesn't matter how big your ship is, if its entire upper decks are ablaze and missing.
  7. Funnels can direct exhaust pretty far from boilers, some designs of ships directed all the boilers to a single funnel in the middle or either side of the boiler mass.
  8. Smaller guns should have a proportionally higher accuracy against smaller targets, that simulates and represents a faster tracking train rate and elevation, and more rapid ladder firing/sighting in. So even though a 16 inch gun would have higher accuracy at 5km, a 5 inch gun has a higher accuracy against smaller targets, as logically the 16 inch gun simply won't have the train rate or fire rate to properly lock onto the target.
  9. Curiously that's the same issue Rule The Waves (1 and 2) has, where the AI "Magically" (Wink wink, cheating) launches at least three times as many torpedoes in any given engagement.
  10. I still find secondaries to be all but useless. When I see destroyers I just command my ship to take a couple salvos from my main guns and that gets the job done better than an hour of spamming 5-8 inch shells at them. Those annoying constant smokescreens tend to make all accuracy low as hell though.
  11. Can confirm, if you want to win, you must be as fast as, or preferably a lot faster than your enemy. Just saying, but shouldn't engine repairs/funnel repairs have limits? I seriously doubt that battleship with half its mass in HE/AP shells within its boilers can repair itself.
  12. Torpedoes still cannot harm late-tier battleships. I'm all for torpedo defenses being a thing, they were historically after all. But there's no torpedo defense system, excluding duct taping destroyers to the side of your ship, which can stop 20 torpedoes from doing at least immense damage to a ship. I pumped god knows how many 24 inch max tier torpedoes into the 105 kiloton battleship and it barely scratched her. Torpedo defense should NOT, I repeat, NOT scale with belt armor. Belts were not deep enough to impact torpedoes (excluding the few shallow running torps which people tried avoiding), and the sheer concussive force would certainly crack and obliterate the belt anyway. Another problem is that technically torpedoes don't hit anything but the lowest areas of the ship, meaning that as long as you have antiflooding, you can survive infinite torpedoes, in theory. I noticed that once enough torpedoes had hit me, more hitting me didn't do anything, and I could pump water out faster than they could put into me.
  13. Nothing like a single 5 inch shell in WOWS deleting 25% of a Yamato's health, because apparently 70 thousand tons of ship lacks fire fighting equipment apart from a single use burst every half a decade.
  14. Funnily enough Yamato's accuracy against targets is possibly better than Iowa. Yamato scored said hit somewhere with her third salvo (anywhere from 5-10% accuracy), then at closer range she scored 3 more hits on Johnson at 20000 yards, with unknown amounts of salvos fired. Her total accuracy being four hits out of a total of 100 AP shells fired, 4% accuracy. Not bad for a ship firing at a tiny Destroyer and a relatively small CVE, in a frantic scenario, in sub-optimal conditions. For perspective, at 30000 yards, in perfect conditions for training, Iowa scored 'only' a 3% chance to hit at 30000 yards against an Iowa sized target (A target longer than Yamato herself), and 10% at 20000 yards against the same target. As a book for reading, I'd suggest "The World Wonder'd: What Really Happened Off Samar"
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